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65229Bertini & His Tower Blackpool Band feat. Dixon, ReginaldChorusland-Part 1 (Where's Bill Bailey?-Many Happy Returns Of The Day-Was That The Human TVA19320000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 798RZ_00Blackpool18.12.1932WAR 1624-1
65230Bertini & His Tower Blackpool Band feat. Dixon, ReginaldChorusland-Part 2 (Whistle And Blow Your Blues Away-When The Rest Of The Crowd Goes Home-NVB19320000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 798RZ_00Blackpool18.12.1932WAR 1625-1
295547Bertini & His Tower Blackpool Band feat. Dixon, ReginaldMy Mother's Evening PrayerV19320000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 799RZ_00Blackpool18.12.1932WAR 1623-1
350356Bertini & His Tower Blackpool Band feat. Dixon, ReginaldRoll Along, Kentucky MoonV19320000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 799RZ_00Blackpool18.12.1932WAR 1628-1
444791Bertini & His Tower Blackpool Band feat. Dixon, ReginaldWaltzland-Part 1VA19320000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 818RZ_00Blackpool18.12.1932WAR 1626-1
444792Bertini & His Tower Blackpool Band feat. Dixon, ReginaldWaltzland-Part 2VB19320000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 818RZ_00Blackpool18.12.1932WAR 1627-1
515041Brennan, Larry & The Winter Gardens Dance BandVocal ChorusWhen Cafe Lights A Re Low19353:060000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1591RZ_0108.01.1935CAR-3183KennedyCarrAn der Orgel: „Dixon, Reginald“.YT
6056Dixon, ReginaldA Medley Of British Patriotic Songs (The British Grenadiers-Hearts Of Oak-Land Of My FatheI19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3630RZ_03
6057Dixon, ReginaldA Medley Of Soviet Patriotic Songs (Internationale-Soviet Airman's Song-Song Of The FatherI19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3630RZ_03
1757793Dixon, ReginaldA Star Fell Out Of Heaven-Did I Remember-The Fleet's In Port Again1 122:560000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
13820Dixon, ReginaldAlice, Where Art ThouI19360000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 2039RZ_02
1757796Dixon, ReginaldAt The Cafe Continental-Empty Saddles-A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1 153:040000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
717228Dixon, ReginaldAt The Opera House - Side 10000-00-00Columbia DO 3879Col_DO03Col. DB-3946 - UK
717229Dixon, ReginaldAt The Opera House - Side 20000-00-00Columbia DO 3879Col_DO03
27740Dixon, ReginaldAutumneI19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3698RZ_03
717385Dixon, ReginaldBarn Dance Medley - Side 10000-00-00Columbia DO 3937Col_DO03Col. DB-4044 - UK
717386Dixon, ReginaldBarn Dance Medley - Side 20000-00-00Columbia DO 3937Col_DO03
596582Dixon, ReginaldBelieve Me19320000-00-00Sterno 947Ster_00Wurlitzer-OrgelMT
1757818Dixon, ReginaldBells across the MeadowI1 3719373:060000-00-00Rex 9122867123902.12.2012R-2366 De
37101Dixon, ReginaldBells across the MeadowI19373:060000-00-00Rex 9122Rex_09R-2366 De
1301665Dixon, ReginaldBenny Goodman Story Medley-Intro: Memories of You-Don't Be That Way-On the Sunny Side of t3:120000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
38033Dixon, ReginaldBeside The Seaside In Other Lands-Part 1 (England-Spain-Ireland-Russia)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1402RZ_01
38034Dixon, ReginaldBeside The Seaside In Other Lands-Part 2 (Scotland-China-Finland-America-England)IB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1402RZ_01
42098Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Mixture No. 7-Part 1 (Meet The Navy-Yvonne-The Last Round-up-He Was A handsome YIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1132RZ_01
42099Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Mixture No. 7-Part 2 (I Took My Heart To A Party-Thanks-The Day You Came Along-WIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1132RZ_01
42100Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Mixture No. 8-Part 1 (Wedding Of Mr. Mickey Mouse-My Moonlight Madonna-It's TheIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1133RZ_01
42101Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Mixture No. 8-Part 2 (Heading For A Wedding-In A Vine-Covered Church-From Me ToIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1133RZ_01
42107Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 3-Part 1 (Let's Call It A Day-I Cover The Waterfront-Learn To CIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1041RZ_01
42108Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 3-Part 2 (Hiawatha's Lullaby-In A Little Second-Hand Store-I CaIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1041RZ_01
42109Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 4-Part 1 (We'll Always Be Friends-Lazybones-I Raised My Hat-TheIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1042RZ_01Tower, BlackpoolWAR 2177
42110Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 5-Part 1 (I've Found The Right Girl-Don't Blame Me-If I Had SomIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1056RZ_01
42111Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 5-Part 2 (At The Old Pig And Whistle-My Mother's Garden-Sweet DIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1056RZ_01
42112Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 6-Part 1 (Night And Day-I'll Take An Option On You-You're An OlIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1076RZ_01BlackpoolWAR 2226
42113Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture No. 6-Part 2 (Trouble In Paradise-I Like To Go Back In The Evening-IB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1076RZ_01BlackpoolWAR 2224
42103Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture-No. 10-Part 1 (Symphony Of The Breeze-Old Fashioned Sweethearts-A SIA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1164RZ_01
42104Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture-No. 10-Part 2 (La-Di-Da-Di-Da-Just A Year Ago Tonight-Love Locked OIB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1164RZ_01
42105Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture-No. 9-Part 1 (Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf-I Wonder Who's WaltzIA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1163RZ_01
42106Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Song Mixture-No. 9-Part 2 (My Song Goes 'Round The World-There's A Home In WyomiIB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1163RZ_01
42114Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Songs Mixture No. 1-Part 1 (A Broken Rosary-Old Spinning Wheel-In The Valley OfIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 965RZ_00
42115Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Songs Mixture No. 1-Part 2 (Castles In The Sand-The Girl In The Little Green HatIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 965RZ_00
42116Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Songs Mixture No. 2-Part 1 (Stormy Weather-Have You Ever Been Lonely?-When The WIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 983RZ_00
42117Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Songs Mixture No. 2-Part 2 (I Like Mountain Music-When It's Lamplightin' Time InIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 983RZ_00
42118Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Switchback No. 1-Part 1 (A review of 38 tunes recalling happy days)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1281RZ_01CAR-2655
42119Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Switchback No. 1-Part 1 (A review of 38 tunes recalling happy days)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1281RZ_01CAR-2654
42120Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Switchback No. 2-Part 1 (A review of 26 songs recalling happy days)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1300RZ_01
42121Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Switchback No. 2-Part 2 (A review of 26 tunes recalling happy days)IB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1300RZ_01
42122Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Switchback No. 3 Part 1 (a review of 26 tunes recalling happy days)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1336RZ_01
42123Dixon, ReginaldBlackpool Switchback No. 3(a review of 26 tunes recalling happy days) (Part 2)IB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1336RZ_01
1652358Dixon, ReginaldBlaze AwayI19352:550000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 195168374401.09.2010CAR 3374551711Holzmann, Abe DeCOVER. Original filtern
42387Dixon, ReginaldBlaze AwayIA19352:550000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1951RZ_01CAR 337455171100020247236Holzmann, AbeOrgan Solo recorded in the Tower, Blackpool45w DeBlaze_Away_M~Orch
43047Dixon, ReginaldBlossom Time-Selection-Part 2 (Court Waltz-Joyous Wayfarer-Once There Lived A Lady Fair-ThIB19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3641RZ_03
46889Dixon, ReginaldBoleroI19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3123RZ_03CAR-5501-1
50588Dixon, ReginaldBroadway Melody of 1936 Film SelectionI19360000-00-00Rex 8732Rex_08F-1590
1757814Dixon, ReginaldBugle Call RagI1 3319362:510000-00-00Rex 8713867123902.12.2012F-1344 De
51905Dixon, ReginaldBugle Call RagI19362:510000-00-00Rex 8713Rex_0802.1936F-1344 De
596581Dixon, ReginaldBy The Fireside19320000-00-00Sterno 947Ster_00Wurlitzer-OrgelMT
56258Dixon, ReginaldCanadian CapersI19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1432RZ_01Chandler, Gus/White, Bert/Cohen, HenryBurnett, EarlOrgelsoloCOVER. Original filtern
65216Dixon, ReginaldChorus Gentlemen Please Part 1IA19370000-00-00Rex 8971Rex_08F-1988
65217Dixon, ReginaldChorus Gentlemen Please Part 2IB19370000-00-00Rex 8971Rex_08F-1989
1757825Dixon, ReginaldChorus Gentlemen, Please: A-Hunting We Will Go-Sally In Our Alley-John Peel / Oh Dear,1 445:550000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
67023Dixon, ReginaldClassica Selection-Part 1 (Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2-Toreador's Song-Spring Song-William TeIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1123RZ_01
67024Dixon, ReginaldClassica Selection-Part 2 (Hungarian Dance-Minuet-Handel's Largo-Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2)IB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1123RZ_01
653417Dixon, ReginaldClassico Selection (Part 1)A19320000-00-00Sterno 913Ster_00Solex SX 135Solex_01S-2234Ewing
653418Dixon, ReginaldClassico Selection (Part 2)B19320000-00-00Sterno 913Ster_00Solex SX 135Solex_01S-2235Ewing
67030Dixon, ReginaldClassics Of Jazz Blues-Medley-Part 1 (St Louis Blues-Limehouse Blues-Jealousy)IA19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3400RZ_03
67031Dixon, ReginaldClassics Of Jazz Blues-Medley-Part 2 (Harlem-Ain't Misbehavin'-My Sweetie Went Away)IB19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3400RZ_03
1301666Dixon, ReginaldClassics of Jazz Medley-Intro: Harlem-Ain't Misbehavin'-My Sweetie Went Away2:580000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301647Dixon, ReginaldClassics of Swing Medley-Intro: Stardust-Solitude-After You've Gone2:560000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
67032Dixon, ReginaldClassics Of Swing-Part 1 (In The Mood-The Highland Swing-The Darktown Strutters' Ball)IA19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3586RZ_03
67033Dixon, ReginaldClassics Of Swing-Part 2 (Stardust-Solitude-After You've Gone)IB19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3586RZ_03
68498Dixon, ReginaldCole Porter Medley (Begin The Beguine-Night And Day)I19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3719RZ_03
68714Dixon, ReginaldColonel BogeyI19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1887RZ_01
76529Dixon, ReginaldCurly Top Film SelectionI19360000-00-00Rex 8732Rex_08F-1589
1757807Dixon, ReginaldCurly Top-Film Selection: Animal Crackers In My Soup-The Simple Things In Life - Curly1 263:020000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757812Dixon, ReginaldDacing Time-The Waltz: The Merry Widow Waltz-The Maid Of The Mountains - My Hero / The1 312:530000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
717322Dixon, ReginaldDancing At The Tower (Foxtrots)0000-00-00Columbia DO 3747Col_DO03Col. DB-3587 - UK
717323Dixon, ReginaldDancing At The Tower (Quicksteps)0000-00-00Columbia DO 3747Col_DO03
1301646Dixon, ReginaldDancing at the Tower Medley (No. 1)-Intro: If I Loved You-Mona Lisa-I Remember the Cornfie2:590000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301652Dixon, ReginaldDancing at the Tower Medley (No.2) - Intro: Ain't She Sweet / I Can't Give You Anything Bu3:040000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301657Dixon, ReginaldDancing at the Tower Medley (No.5) - Intro: My Truly, Truly Fair / Shanghai / There's No B3:020000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301664Dixon, ReginaldDancing at the Tower Medley (No.6) - Intro: These Foolish Things / Transatlantic Lullaby /3:080000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301663Dixon, ReginaldDancing at the Tower Medley-Intro: Just One More Time-Boom, Boom, Boomerang-Hey, Mr Banjo3:180000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
78553Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 1 (Part 1)IA19380000-00-00Rex 9303Rex_09R-2670
78554Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 1 (Part 2)IB19380000-00-00Rex 9303Rex_09R-2671
78555Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 2 (Part 1)IA19380000-00-00Rex 9341Rex_09R-2770
78556Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 2 (Part 2)IB19380000-00-00Rex 9341Rex_09R-2771
78558Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 3 (Part 2)IB19380000-00-00Rex 9415Rex_09R-3008
78557Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 3 (Part 1)IA19380000-00-00Rex 9415Rex_09R-3007
78559Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 4 (Part 1)IA19390000-00-00Rex 9448Rex_0901/1939R-3147
78560Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 4 (Part 2)IB19390000-00-00Rex 9448Rex_0901/1939R-3148
78561Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 5 (Part 1)IA19390000-00-00Rex 9517Rex_0904/1939R-3301
78562Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time No. 5 (Part 2)IB19390000-00-00Rex 9517Rex_0904/1939R-3302
1757805Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time-The Fox Trot: Music, Maestro, Please-Little Lady Make Believe1 243:020000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757809Dixon, ReginaldDancing Time-The Quick-Step: I'm Gonna Lock My Heart-A-Tisket,a-Tasket - You're An Edu1 288:100000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1301656Dixon, ReginaldDancing To Dixon Medley (No.1) - Intro: Why? / the Book / Rags To Riches3:000000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301658Dixon, ReginaldDancing To Dixon Medley (No.2) - Intro: Crystal Ball / Way Down Yonder in New Orleans / Ri2:580000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
596562Dixon, ReginaldDear Old Home Songs, parts 1 And 219320000-00-00Sterno 935Ster_00Wurlitzer-OrgelMT
1757798Dixon, ReginaldDid Your Mother Come From Ireland-When Did You Leave Heaven-Oh My Goodness1 172:570000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
84991Dixon, ReginaldDie Fledermaus-Part 1 (Finale (Act 3)-Happy, He Who Forgets-With Me So Late-Oh My, Oh My,IA0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3752RZ_03
84992Dixon, ReginaldDie Fledermaus-Part 2 (My Lord Marquis-Brother Dear And Sister Dear-Fledermaus Waltz)IB0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3752RZ_03
86704Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 1 Part 1IA19350000-00-00Rex 8541Rex_0808.1935F-1348
86705Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 1 Part 1(with Vocals)IA19350000-00-00Rex 8540Rex_0808.1935F-1346
86706Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 1 Part 2IB19350000-00-00Rex 8541Rex_0808.1935F-1349
86707Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 1 Part 2 (with Vocals)IB19350000-00-00Rex 8540Rex_0808.1935F-1347
86708Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 10 Part 1IA19370000-00-00Rex 8948Rex_08F-2062
86709Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 10 Part 2IB19370000-00-00Rex 8948Rex_08F-2063
86710Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 11 (Part 1)IA19370000-00-00Rex 8979Rex_08F-2165
86711Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 11 (Part 2)IB19370000-00-00Rex 8979Rex_08F-2166
86712Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 12 Part 1IA19370000-00-00Rex 9021Rex_0905/1937F-2254
86713Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 12 Part 2IB19370000-00-00Rex 9021Rex_0905/1937F-2255
86714Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 13 Part 1IA19370000-00-00Rex 9062Rex_0907/1937R-2307
86715Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 13 Part 2IB19370000-00-00Rex 9062Rex_0907/1937R-2308
86716Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 14 Part 1IA19370000-00-00Rex 9082Rex_0908/1937R-2309
86717Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 14 Part 2IB19370000-00-00Rex 9082Rex_0908/1937R-2310
86718Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 15 Part 1IA19370000-00-00Rex 9099Rex_09R-2368
86719Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 15 Part 2IB19370000-00-00Rex 9099Rex_09R-2369
86722Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 17 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9194Rex_0901/1938R-2525
86723Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 17 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9194Rex_0901/1938R-2526
86724Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 2 Part 1IA19350000-00-00Rex 8568Rex_08F-1415
86725Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 2 Part 2IB19350000-00-00Rex 8568Rex_08F-1416
86726Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 3 Part 1IA19350000-00-00Rex 8615Rex_08F-1535
86727Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 3 Part 2IB19350000-00-00Rex 8615Rex_08F-1536
86728Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 4 Part 1IA19350000-00-00Rex 8662Rex_0812.1935F-1591
86729Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 6 Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8795Rex_0806.1936F-1821
86730Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 6 Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8795Rex_0806.1936F-1822
86731Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 8 Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8880Rex_08F-1986
86732Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No 8 Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8880Rex_08F-1987
86721Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No. 16 (Part 1)IA19370000-00-00Rex 9148Rex_09R-2443
86720Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No. 16 (Part 2)I19370000-00-00Rex 9148Rex_09R-2444
86733Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No18 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9218Rex_0902/1938R-2527
86734Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No18 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9218Rex_0902/1938R-2528
86735Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No19 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9242Rex_0903/1938R-2595
86736Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No19 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9242Rex_0903/1938R-2596
86737Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No20 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9263Rex_09R-2597
86738Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No20 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9263Rex_09R-2598
86739Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No21 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9286Rex_09R-2668
86740Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No21 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9286Rex_09R-2669
86741Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No22 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9319Rex_0907/1938R-2742
86742Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No22 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9319Rex_0907/1938R-2743
86743Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No23 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9366Rex_09R-2864
86744Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No23 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9366Rex_09R-2865
86745Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No24 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9391Rex_0911/1938R-2866
86746Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No24 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9391Rex_0911/1938R-2867
86747Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No25 Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9426Rex_09R-3005
86748Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No25 Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9426Rex_09R-3006
86749Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No26 Part 1IA19390000-00-00Rex 9481Rex_0902/1939R-3149
86750Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No26 Part 2IB19390000-00-00Rex 9481Rex_0902/1939R-3150
86751Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No27 Part 1 And 2IA19390000-00-00Rex 9495Rex_0903/1939R-3300
86752Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No27 Part 1 And 2IA19390000-00-00Rex 9495Rex_0903/1939R-3299
86753Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No28 Part 1IA19390000-00-00Rex 9535Rex_0905/1939R-3444
86754Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No28 Part 2IB19390000-00-00Rex 9535Rex_0905/1939R-3445
86755Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No4 Part 2IB19350000-00-00Rex 8662Rex_0812.1935F-1592
86756Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No5 Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8746Rex_0804.1936F-1735
86757Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No5 Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8746Rex_0804.1936F-1734
86758Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No7 Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8831Rex_08F-1916
86759Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No7 Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8831Rex_08F-1917
86760Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No9 Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8928Rex_0812.1936F-2060
86761Dixon, ReginaldDixon Hits No9 Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8928Rex_0812.1936F-2061
86762Dixon, ReginaldDixon in Swing Time Part 1IA19390000-00-00Rex 9552Rex_0906/1939R-3446
86763Dixon, ReginaldDixon in Swing Time Part 2IB19390000-00-00Rex 9552Rex_0906/1939R-3447
1301660Dixon, ReginaldDixon Medley (No.3) - Intro: South American Joe / There's a Lovely Lake in London / Love I3:090000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
86764Dixon, ReginaldDixon Request Medley Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8771Rex_0805.1936F-1736
86765Dixon, ReginaldDixon Request Medley Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8771Rex_0805.1936F-1737
86766Dixon, ReginaldDixon Requests (Part 1)IA19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3104RZ_03Medley: Trees-Song Of Songs-Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life
86767Dixon, ReginaldDixon Requests (Part 2)IB19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3104RZ_03Medley: Smilin' Through-Mother Machree-Danny Boy
86768Dixon, ReginaldDixon Requests No. 2-Part 1 (Waltz Of My Heart-By Bendemeers Stream-Un Peu d'Amour)IA19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3615RZ_03
86769Dixon, ReginaldDixon Requests No. 2-Part 2 (My Hero-Phil The Fluter's Ball-Post Horn Galop)IB19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3615RZ_03
86770Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 1 (Part 1)IA19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3082RZ_0306/1939Medley: Deep Purple/The Masquerade Is Over/Booms-A-Daisy
86771Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 1-Part 2 (Little Sir Echo-Summer Sweetheart-South Of The Border)IB19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3082RZ_0306/1939
86772Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 11-Part 1 (Rose O'Day-That Lovely Weekend-Wrap Yourself In Cotton Wool)IA19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3611RZ_03
86773Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 11-Part 2 (Yours-Green Eyes-Home, Sweet Home, Again)IB19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3611RZ_03
86774Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 14-Part 1-(Deep In The Heart Of Texas-Tica-Ti Tica-Ta-How About You)IA19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3636RZ_03
86775Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 14-Part 2-(It's Spring Again-I Don't Want To Walk Without You-Flamingo)IB19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3636RZ_03
86776Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 16-Part 1 ( Johnny Zero-Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer-Silver Wings In ThIA19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3713RZ_03
86777Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 16-Part 2 (If You Please-You'll Never Know-In My Arms)IB19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3713RZ_03
86778Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 2-Part 1 (Wings Over The Navy-Lords Of The Air-There'll Always Be An EnglanIA19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3162RZ_03Blackpool, Tower BallroomCAR-5346
86779Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 2-Part 2 (Run, Rabbit, Run-We're Gonna Hang Out The Washing-Wish Me Luck AsIB19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3162RZ_03Blackpool, Tower Ballroom
86780Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 3-Part 1 ( Good Morning-In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room-Are You HavinIA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3236RZ_03
86781Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 3-Part 2 (I'll Pray For You-Over The Rainbow-Bella Bambina)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3236RZ_03
86782Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 4-Part 1 ( There's A Boy Coming Home On Leave-In An Old Dutch Garden-Oh JohIA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3302RZ_03
86783Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 4-Part 2 ( You Made Me Care-Dreaming-I Wanna Wrap You Up)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3302RZ_03
86784Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 5-Part 1 (The Woodpecker Song-When Our Dreams Grow Old-Indian Summer)IA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3336RZ_03
86785Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 5-Part 2 ( Say It-If I Should Fall In Love Again-The Singing Hills)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3336RZ_03
86786Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 6-Part 1 (Don't You Ever Cry-I Can't Love You Any More-A Nightingale Sang IIA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3366RZ_03
86787Dixon, ReginaldDixon Time No. 6-Part 2 (Playmates-Fools Rush In-Make Love With A Guitar)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3366RZ_03
86788Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 1-Part 1 (I Hate Myself-Isle Of Capri-My Song For You)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1497RZ_01
86789Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 1-Part 2 (With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming-May I?-I Never Had A Chance)IB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1497RZ_01
86790Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 2-Part 1 (Little Man You've Had A Busy Day-Love Thy Neighbour-Ole Faithful)IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1498RZ_01CAR-3008
86791Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 2-Part 2 (Carioca-Love In Bloom-Over My Shoulder)IB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1498RZ_01CAR-3009
86792Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 3-Part 1 (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes-The Continental-Tina)IA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1539RZ_01
86793Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 3-Part 2 (Lady Rainbow-That Night In Venice-Argentina)IB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1539RZ_01
86794Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 4-Part 1 (Stars Fell On Alabama-I'm Lonesome For You, Caroline-What A LittleIA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1540RZ_01
86795Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 4-Part 2 (Who's Been Polishing The Sun?-P.S. I Love You-When The New Moon ShIB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1540RZ_01
86796Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 7-Part 1 (Two Trumpet Toot-Easter Parade-Rain)IA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1660RZ_01
86797Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 7-Part 2 (I've Got An Invitation To A Dance-I Believe In Miracles-Getting ArIB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1660RZ_01
86798Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 8-Part 1 (Dancing With My Shadow-Blue Moon-She Wore A Little Jacket Of Blue)IA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1696RZ_01
86799Dixon, ReginaldDixonland No. 8-Part 2 (You And The Night And The Music-Old Mammy Mine-Goodbye Hawaii)IB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1696RZ_01
86800Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 12-Part 1 (Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie-What More Can I Say?-I Know Why)IA19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3625RZ_03
86801Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 12-Part 2 (The White Cliffs Of Dover-Papa Niccolini-The Sailor With The NavyIB19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3625RZ_03
86802Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 14-Part 1 (Jealousy-White Christmas-One More Kiss)IA19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3664RZ_03
86803Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 14-Part 2 (Always In My Heart-Where In The World-This Is Worth Fighting For)IB19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3664RZ_03
86804Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 15-Part 1 ( For Me And My Girl-Moonlight Becomes You-You Are My Sunshine)IA19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3683RZ_03
86805Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 15-Part 2 ( Love Is A Song-My Devotion-Praise The Lord And Pass The AmmunitiIB19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3683RZ_03
86806Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 17-Part 1 (Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats-Don't Ask Me Why-I Heard You Cried LaIA0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3734RZ_03
86807Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 17-Part 2 (I'm Sending My Blessing-Kiss Me-Paper Doll)IB0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3734RZ_03
86808Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 7-Part 1 (Bless 'Em All-There'll Come Another Day-Our Love Affair)IA19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3440RZ_0306.02.1941
86809Dixon, ReginaldDixontime No. 7-Part 2 (Only Forever-You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again-Ferryboat SerIB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3440RZ_03
88749Dixon, ReginaldDoll Medley-Part 1 (Dainty Doll-Lonesome Little Doll-Rag Doll)IA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3385RZ_03
88750Dixon, ReginaldDoll Medley-Part 2 (Little Dutch Doll-Doll Dance-Wedding Of The Painted Doll)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3385RZ_03
95219Dixon, ReginaldDown the MallI19370000-00-00Rex 9122Rex_09R-2367
95324Dixon, ReginaldDown The Trail To The Girl I LoveI19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 889RZ_0006.03.1933CAR-1808
1195093Dixon, ReginaldEaster Parade (Medley)I3:140000-00-007752942 De
1301659Dixon, ReginaldEaster Parade Medley-Intro: Easter Parade-Steppin' Out With My Baby-it Only Happens When I3:140000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1757813Dixon, ReginaldEntry Of The Gladiators Punjaub-Sons Of The Brave-Old Comrades / Under The Double Eagl1 325:510000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
106809Dixon, ReginaldEstudiantinaI19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3668RZ_03
107365Dixon, ReginaldEvensongI19360000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 2039RZ_02
1757785Dixon, ReginaldEverything's In Rhythm With My Heart-On Treasure Island-The Sunset Trail1 043:020000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
114487Dixon, ReginaldFifty Years Of Song-Part 1 (Soldiers Of The King-T-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay-The Man Who Broke TheIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 995RZ_00WAR 2120
114488Dixon, ReginaldFifty Years Of Song-Part 2 (Let's All Go Down The Strand-You Made Me Love You-Swanee-RamonIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 995RZ_00WAR 2121
114963Dixon, ReginaldFinlandia-Part 1IA0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3742RZ_03
114965Dixon, ReginaldFinlandia-Part 2IB0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3742RZ_03
717388Dixon, ReginaldFoxtrot Medley0000-00-00Columbia DO 3938Col_DO03
120389Dixon, ReginaldFoxtrots (M)I19563:020000-00-00Columbia SCM 5243Col_SCM45
818549Dixon, ReginaldFoxtrots (M)I19563:020000-00-00Col_SCMSampler0882
717362Dixon, ReginaldGay Gordons Medley - Side 10000-00-00Columbia DO 3919Col_DO03Col. S 5202 - UK
717363Dixon, ReginaldGay Gordons Medley - Side 20000-00-00Columbia DO 3919Col_DO03
131669Dixon, ReginaldGold Diggers Of 1935 Film Selection (I'm Going Shopping With You-The Words Are In My HeartI19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1751RZ_01
1757821Dixon, ReginaldGolden Souvenirs No 1: Why Did She Fall For The Leader Of The Band-Solitude-Saddle Yo1 406:080000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757822Dixon, ReginaldGolden Souvenirs No 2: Please Remember-So Many Memories-Double Dare You / Tears In My1 415:560000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757823Dixon, ReginaldGolden Souvenirs No 3: It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane-The Greatest Mistake Of1 426:070000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757824Dixon, ReginaldGolden Souvenirs No 4: My Heaven In The Pines-The Whispering Waltz Goodnight, Angel-Wh1 435:520000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
132248Dixon, ReginaldGondoliers-Selection-Part 1 (For The Merriest Fellows Are We-There Lived A King-A Right DoIA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1848RZ_01
132249Dixon, ReginaldGondoliers-Selection-Part 2 (Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes-No Possible Doubt Whatsoever-ChIB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1848RZ_01
136067Dixon, ReginaldGracie Fields Memories (Part 1)IA19370000-00-00Rex 9169Rex_09R-2445
136068Dixon, ReginaldGracie Fields Memories (Part 2)IB19370000-00-00Rex 9169Rex_09R-2446
1757820Dixon, ReginaldGracie Fields Memories: Sing As We Go-Sally-Love Is Everywhere / Looking On The Bright1 395:520000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
138655Dixon, ReginaldGulliver's Travels-Selection-Part 1 (It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day-Bluebirds In The Moonlight-WIA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3235RZ_03CAR-5673
138657Dixon, ReginaldGulliver's Travels-Selection-Part 2 (All's Well-I Hear A Dream-It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day-FaIB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3235RZ_03
138939Dixon, ReginaldGypsiana-Part 1 (A selection of famous gipsy airs)IA19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3148RZ_03
138940Dixon, ReginaldGypsiana-Part 1 (A selection of famous gipsy airs)IA19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3148RZ_03
143972Dixon, ReginaldHave You Ever Been LonelyI19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 857RZ_00
596509Dixon, ReginaldHome19320000-00-00Sterno 903Ster_00Wurtizer OrganMT
1757786Dixon, ReginaldHow'd Ja Like To Spoon With Me-Love Walked In-Meet Me Down In Sun Valley1 053:020000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757784Dixon, ReginaldI Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside-Blaze Away-Who Were You With Last Night / If You W1 035:530000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757791Dixon, ReginaldI Saw Stars-No, No A Thousand Times No-Lost In A Fog1 103:110000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
596510Dixon, ReginaldI Was True19320000-00-00Sterno 903Ster_00Wurtizer OrganMT
199454Dixon, ReginaldIn A Monastery GardenI19363:030000-00-00Rex 8909Rex_0812.1936F-1914 De
1757819Dixon, ReginaldIn A Monastery GardenI1 3819363:020000-00-00Rex 8909867123902.12.2012F-1914 De
1652359Dixon, ReginaldIn A Monastery GardenI19363:030000-00-00Rex 890968374401.09.2010F-1914 De
199505Dixon, ReginaldIn A Persian MarketI19363:100000-00-00Rex 8909Rex_0812.1936F-1915 De
1757817Dixon, ReginaldIn A Persian MarketI1 3619363:100000-00-00Rex 8909867123902.12.2012F-1915 De
1757792Dixon, ReginaldIn The Chapel In The Moonlight-The Way You Look Tonight-When A Lady Meets A Gentlemen1 112:400000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
202714Dixon, ReginaldIn Town TonightI19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1309RZ_01
204441Dixon, ReginaldIrish Medley (Part 1)IA19370000-00-00Rex 9051Rex_09R-2311
204443Dixon, ReginaldIrish Medley (Part 2)IB19370000-00-00Rex 9051Rex_09R-2312
1301661Dixon, ReginaldIrish Medley-Intro: Irish Washerwoman-Peggy O'neill-Rose of Tralee-Killarney / St Patrick'2:500000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1757815Dixon, ReginaldIrish Medley: Rakes Of Mallow-Mother Machree-When Irish Eyes Are Smiling / Gary Owen /1 345:460000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1067048Dixon, ReginaldIs It True What They Say About Dixie / Sweetheart Lets Grow Old Together / The Touch of YoI3:080000-00-006705514 De
1067049Dixon, ReginaldIs It True What They Say About Dixie / Sweetheart Lets Grow Old Together / The Touch of YoI3:080000-00-006861008 De
1067050Dixon, ReginaldIs It True What They Say About Dixie / Sweetheart, Let's Grow Old Together / The Touch ofI3:090000-00-007827829 De
1757782Dixon, ReginaldIs It True What They Say About Dixie-Sweetheart, Let's Grow Old Together-The Touch Of1 013:080000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
215377Dixon, ReginaldJerome Kern Medley (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes-Who?-Ol' Man River)I19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3719RZ_03
1301654Dixon, ReginaldJerome Kern Medley-Intro: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes-Who-Ol' Man River3:210000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
877605Dixon, ReginaldJungle FantasyI19513:100000-00-00
1301651Dixon, ReginaldKing and I Medley-Intro: Hello, Young Lovers-I Have Dreamed-Shall We Dance,The3:200000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1757797Dixon, ReginaldLambeth Walk-Thanks For The Memory-Somebody's Thinking Of You Tonight, The1 163:010000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
235207Dixon, ReginaldLand Of Hope And GloryI19390000-00-00Columbia 35888Col_35Regal Zonophone MR 3211RZ_03CAR-557678
1757806Dixon, ReginaldLeslie Stuart Medley: Lily Of Laguna-Little Dolly Daydream-My Little Octaroon / In The1 256:020000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
596547Dixon, ReginaldLeslie Stuart, selection parts 1 And 219320000-00-00Sterno 927Ster_00Wurlitzer-OrgelMT
1757799Dixon, ReginaldLittle Man You've Had A Busy Day-Love Thy Neighbour-Old Faithful1 183:190000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1070733Dixon, ReginaldLive, Laugh And Love/The Loveliest Night Of The Year/The Cuckoo Waltz (Medley)I2:590000-00-00300967 De
252367Dixon, ReginaldLondon BridgeI19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1309RZ_01
259568Dixon, ReginaldLove Parade-Selection (Dream Lover-Nobody's Using It Now-March Of The Grenadiers-My Love PI19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3312RZ_0303.06.1940CAR-5765
263648Dixon, ReginaldMa! He's Making Eyes At Me-Alexander's Ragtime Band-The Japanese SandmanI19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3348RZ_03CAR-5829
1757808Dixon, ReginaldMagical Movie Moments No 1: Says My Heart-Now It Can Be Told-Alexander's Ragtime Band1 273:010000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
271277Dixon, ReginaldMartial Moments Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8685Rex_0802.1936F-1587
271278Dixon, ReginaldMartial Moments Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8685Rex_0802.1936F-1588
274614Dixon, ReginaldMedley Of Waltzes-Part 1 (A Dream Of Delight-That Old Fashioned Mother Of Mine-Omaha)IA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1731RZ_01
274615Dixon, ReginaldMedley Of Waltzes-Part 2 (Blue Eyes-Poeme-Charmaine-Paradise)IB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1731RZ_01
276115Dixon, ReginaldMelodies From Mendelssohn-Part 1 ( Rondo Capriccioso- On Wings Of Song-Spring Song-War MarIA19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3711RZ_03
276116Dixon, ReginaldMelodies From Mendelssohn-Part 2 ( Fingal's Cave-Bees' Wedding-Violin Concerto-Wedding MarIB19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3711RZ_03
276117Dixon, ReginaldMelodies From Schubert-Part 1 (Impatience-Ave Maria-Dream Waltz)IA19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3706RZ_03
276118Dixon, ReginaldMelodies From Schubert-Part 2 ( Unfinished Symphony-Moment Musicale-Marche Militaire)IB19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3706RZ_03
489680Dixon, ReginaldMelody Moments No. 4 (Part 2)IB19480000-00-00Columbia FB 3464Col_FB03CA 20870eBay
489679Dixon, ReginaldMelody Moments No. 5 (Part 1)IA19480000-00-00Columbia FB 3464Col_FB03CA 21002eBay
277316Dixon, ReginaldMerrie England-Part 1 (Hey Jolly Robin-Rustc Dance-O Peaceful England Hornpipe)IA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1940RZ_01
277317Dixon, ReginaldMerrie England-Part 2 (Yeomen Of England-Graceful Dance-My Troth Is Plighted-When Cupid FiIB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1940RZ_01
281474Dixon, ReginaldMississippi Film Selection (Roll, Mississippi-Down By The River-It's Easy To Remember)I19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1695RZ_01
283320Dixon, ReginaldMon BijouI19420000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3668RZ_03
1301648Dixon, ReginaldMon Bijou (My Jewel)3:050000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1301662Dixon, ReginaldMoonlight Serenade3:010000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
285966Dixon, ReginaldMore Melodious Memories-Part 1 (he Trumpeter-Company Sergeant-Major-Up From Somerset-DonauIA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1179RZ_01
285967Dixon, ReginaldMore Melodious Memories-Part 2 (Parade Of The Tin Soldiers-Narcissus-Love's Old Sweet SongIB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1179RZ_01
290630Dixon, ReginaldMy Blue Heaven-Star Dust-Goodnight SweetheartI19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3348RZ_03CAR-5830
299720Dixon, ReginaldNaughty Marietta Film Selection (Italian Street Song-Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!-Ah! Sweet MysterI19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1695RZ_01Herbert, Victor AugustYoung, Rida JohnsonAus dem Film „Naughty Marietta“.
1301653Dixon, ReginaldOld Time Seaside Saunters Medley-Intro: Lily of Laguna-Little Dolly Daydream2:560000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
1757803Dixon, ReginaldOn With Show-Selection: Jolly Good Company-Maybe I'm Wrong Again -I've Got An Invitati1 225:470000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
318437Dixon, ReginaldOn with the Show Selection Part 1IA19350000-00-00Rex 8515Rex_08F-1340
318440Dixon, ReginaldOn with the Show Selection Part 2IB19350000-00-00Rex 8515Rex_08F-1341
322896Dixon, ReginaldOrpheus In The Underworld-Part 1IA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3424RZ_03
322898Dixon, ReginaldOrpheus In The Underworld-Part 2IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3424RZ_03
326959Dixon, ReginaldParade Of The Tin Soldiers, TheI19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1887RZ_01
1314556Dixon, ReginaldParade Of Tin Soldiers1 082:420000-00-00882290107.12.2014 De
328005Dixon, ReginaldPassing Of The Regiments (Part 2) (Prodana Nevesta-Distant Greeting-Hoch Habsburg-GallantIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 778RZ_00
328004Dixon, ReginaldPassing Of The Regiments-Part 1 (Belphegor-Battle Of Magenta-The Last Stand-Sylvia-TeufelsIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 778RZ_00
332178Dixon, ReginaldPinocchio (Selection (Part 2)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3247RZ_03Give A Little Whistle/Little Wooden Head/Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee/I've Got No Strings
332176Dixon, ReginaldPinocchio (Selection Part 1)IA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3247RZ_03CAR-5705Three Cheers For Anything/Turn On The Old Music Box/When You Wish Upon A Star
717387Dixon, ReginaldQuickstep Medley0000-00-00Columbia DO 3938Col_DO03Col. DB-4045 - UK
340628Dixon, ReginaldQuicksteps (M)IB19560000-00-00Columbia SCM 5243Col_SCM45
1757801Dixon, ReginaldRadio Memories No 1: Call Me Sweetheart-When I Grow Too Old To Dream-Rehearsing A Lull1 206:030000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757802Dixon, ReginaldRadio Memories No 2: All For A Shilling A Day-The Rose In Her Hair-I'm In The Mood For1 216:010000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757810Dixon, ReginaldRadio Memories No 3: After All These Years-Roses In December-That Old Feeling / Silver1 295:550000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757811Dixon, ReginaldRadio Memories No 4: Laughing Irish Eyes-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie-On The Beach At Bali1 305:570000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
717295Dixon, ReginaldReginald Dixon At The Organ0000-00-00Columbia DO 3732Col_DO03
717296Dixon, ReginaldReginald Dixon At The Organ (Part 2)0000-00-00Columbia DO 3732Col_DO03
1757783Dixon, ReginaldRemember Me-The Moon Got In My Eyes-It's The Natural Thing To Do1 022:550000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757816Dixon, ReginaldRhapsody In BlueI1 3519355:580000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012989023Gershwin, George DeCOVER. Original filtern
345989Dixon, ReginaldRhapsody In Blue (Part 2)IB19350000-00-00Rex 8516Rex_08F-1343
345987Dixon, ReginaldRhapsody In Blue (Teil 1)IA19350000-00-00Rex 8516Rex_08F-134298902300840713160Gershwin, GeorgeSpielzeit Part 1 + 2: 6:00 Min.
348702Dixon, ReginaldRoberta-Film Selection (I Won't Dance-Lovely To Look At-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)I19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1774RZ_01
351134Dixon, ReginaldRomberg Reminiscences-Part 1 (The Riff Song-serenade-Lover Come Back To Me)IA0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3740RZ_03
351135Dixon, ReginaldRomberg Reminiscences-Part 2 (Will You Remember?-The Desert Song-Drinking Song)IB0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3740RZ_03
1757787Dixon, ReginaldRosalie-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen-Nice Work If You Can Get It1 062:550000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
355005Dixon, ReginaldRustle Of SpringI19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3698RZ_03
357658Dixon, ReginaldSanctuary Of The HeartI19400000-00-00Columbia 35888Col_35CAR-557578
357659Dixon, ReginaldSanctuary Of The HeartI19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3211RZ_03CAR-5575
363420Dixon, ReginaldSelection of Leslie Stuart Songs Part 1IA19350000-00-00Rex 8588Rex_0810.1935F-1411
363421Dixon, ReginaldSelection of Leslie Stuart Songs Part 2IB19350000-00-00Rex 8588Rex_0810.1935F-1412
370283Dixon, ReginaldShine On Harvest Moon-SelectionI0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3748RZ_03
1301649Dixon, ReginaldSinging at the Tower (Part 1)-Intro: She's a Lassie From Lancashire-When Irish Eyes Are Sm3:050000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
375532Dixon, ReginaldSkaters' Waltz, TheI19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3312RZ_03Blackpool, Tower Ballroom03.06.1940CAR-5766
1757789Dixon, ReginaldSmoke Gets In Your Eyes-The Continental-Tina1 083:180000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
378276Dixon, ReginaldSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs Selection Part 1IA19380000-00-00Rex 9333Rex_0908/1938R-2744
378277Dixon, ReginaldSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs Selection Part 2IB19380000-00-00Rex 9333Rex_0908/1938R-2745
1757804Dixon, ReginaldSnow White And The Seven Dwarfs-Film Selection: Whistle While You Work-Someday My Prin1 235:570000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
382372Dixon, ReginaldSomebody Stole My GalI19360000-00-00Rex 8713Rex_0802.1936F-1345
386817Dixon, ReginaldSousa March Medley Part 1 (Stars And Stripes-High School Cadets-Semper Fidelis-Liberty BelIA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3271RZ_03CAR-5709
386818Dixon, ReginaldSousa March Medley(Washington Post-Charlatan March-King Cotton-El Capitan) (Part 2)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3271RZ_03CAR-5710
1757795Dixon, ReginaldSouth American Joe-There's A Lovely Lake In London-Love Is Everywhere1 143:080000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
1757790Dixon, ReginaldStars Fell On Alabama-I'm So Lonesome For You Caroline-What A Little Moonlight Can Do1 093:120000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
392208Dixon, ReginaldStephen Foster Selection-Part 1 (Oh Susanna-Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming-Swannee RiverIA19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3363RZ_03
392209Dixon, ReginaldStephen Foster Selection-Part 2 (My Old Kentucky Home-Old Black Joe-Camptown Races)IB19400000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3363RZ_03
393617Dixon, ReginaldStorm Over The Countryside-Part 1IA19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1349RZ_01
393618Dixon, ReginaldStorm Over The Countryside-Part 2IB19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1349RZ_01
393619Dixon, ReginaldStorm Part 1 And 2, TheIA19370000-00-00Rex 9000Rex_0904/1937F-2168
393620Dixon, ReginaldStorm Part 1 And 2, TheIA19370000-00-00Rex 9000Rex_0904/1937F-2168
393595Dixon, ReginaldStorm, The (Part 1)IA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 816RZ_00
393596Dixon, ReginaldStorm, The (Part 2)IB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 816RZ_00
397383Dixon, ReginaldSunrise SerenadeI19390000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3123RZ_03Blackpool, Tower BallroomCAR-5502-1
399011Dixon, ReginaldSweet Adeline Film Selection (Sweet Adeline-We Were So Young-Why Was I Born?)I19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1751RZ_01
400664Dixon, ReginaldSweet Music-Film Selection (Sweet Music-Every Day-Fare Thee Well, Annabelle)I19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1774RZ_01
406877Dixon, ReginaldTauber Memories-Part 1 (I'll Walk Beside You-One Day When We Were Young-You Are My Heart'sIA19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3564RZ_03CAR-6206-1
406878Dixon, ReginaldTauber Memories-Part 2 (Tristesse-Smilin' Through-Vienna, City Of My Dreams)IB19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3564RZ_03
407026Dixon, ReginaldTchaikovsky Selection Part 1 (Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor-Chanson Sans Parole-ValIA19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3690RZ_03
407027Dixon, ReginaldTchaikovsky Selection(Andante Cantabile-Valse Des Fleurs-Barcarolle-1812 Overture) (Part 2IB19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3690RZ_03
407820Dixon, ReginaldTeddy Bears' PicnicIB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1750RZ_01CAR-3182Bratton, John W.Kennedy, JimmyeBayTeddy_Bears_~Brat
1301650Dixon, ReginaldTeddy Bears' Picnic, The3:090000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
417463Dixon, ReginaldThere's Something About A SoldierI19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 857RZ_00
990883Dixon, ReginaldThird Man Theme, TheI19492:120000-00-00CB 99742230.10.200057711700160654188Karas, AntonCOVER. Original filtern
421479Dixon, ReginaldThrough Southern Climes-Part 1 (La Paloma-Aloha Oe)IA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1826RZ_01
421480Dixon, ReginaldThrough Southern Climes-Part 2 (O Sole Mio-La Cucuracha)IB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1826RZ_01
1173993Dixon, ReginaldThunder And Lightning PolkaI2:470000-00-007589694 De
1301655Dixon, ReginaldTico Tico3:140000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
422172Dixon, ReginaldTiger RagI19340000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1432RZ_0179652500009897247LaRocca, D. James/Ragas, Henry/Shields, LarryDeCosta, Harry/Edwards, Edwin B.OrgelsoloeBayCOVER. Original filtern
440360Dixon, ReginaldViennese Memories Of Lehar-Part 1 (Merry Widow Waltz-You're In Love-You Are My Heart's DesIA19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1052RZ_01
440361Dixon, ReginaldViennese Memories Of Lehar-Part 2 (Dutiful Wife-Gipsy Love Waltz-The Cavalier-Gipsy Song-BIB19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1052RZ_01
717364Dixon, ReginaldWaltz Medley - Side 10000-00-00Columbia DO 3920Col_DO03Col. DB-3989 - UK
717365Dixon, ReginaldWaltz Medley - Side 20000-00-00Columbia DO 3920Col_DO03
444608Dixon, ReginaldWaltz Selection Part 1IA19360000-00-00Rex 8838Rex_08F-1918
444609Dixon, ReginaldWaltz Selection Part 2IB19360000-00-00Rex 8838Rex_08F-1919
1757800Dixon, ReginaldWaltz Selection: I'll See You Again-Love Will Find A Way-The Desert Song / Deep In My1 196:040000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
444785Dixon, ReginaldWaltzing With Strauss-Part 1 (The Blue Danube-Vienna Blood-Fledermaus-The Kiss-Artists' LiIA19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3568RZ_03
444786Dixon, ReginaldWaltzing With Strauss-Part 2 (Wine, Women And Song-Tales From The Vienna Woods-Voices Of SIB19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3568RZ_03
444793Dixon, ReginaldWaltzland (Selection Part 1)IA19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3442RZ_03CAR-5985Somewhere The Sun Is Shining/Till We Meet Again/There's A Long, Long Trail/When I Lost You/Beautiful Garden Of Roses)
1087829Dixon, ReginaldWaltzland Medley-Intro: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles / Let The Great Big World KeepTurningI3:290000-00-001317215 De
1087830Dixon, ReginaldWaltzland Medley-Intro: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles-Let the Great Big World Keepturning-SoI3:300000-00-0068374401.09.2010 De
444794Dixon, ReginaldWaltzland-Selection-Part 2 (I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles-Let The Great, Big World Keep TurnIB19410000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3442RZ_0301.04.1941CAR-5986
1757794Dixon, ReginaldWhen I'm With You-A Fine Romance-Sing, Baby, Sing1 133:000000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
457240Dixon, ReginaldWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling-MedleyI0000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3748RZ_03
464197Dixon, ReginaldWhistler And His Dog, TheIA19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1750RZ_01CAR-31811654700Pryor, ArthureBayWhistler_And~Prin
1757788Dixon, ReginaldWith My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming-May I-Never Had A Chance1 073:190000-00-00Memory Lane867123902.12.2012 De
471966Dixon, ReginaldWith Sword And LanceIB19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1951RZ_01CAR 3429Starke, H.Organ Solo recorded in the Tower, Blackpool45w
476083Dixon, ReginaldYankee Doodle Dandy-Selection-Part 1 ( Over There- Mary's A Grand Old Name-Forty-five MinuIA19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3675RZ_03
476084Dixon, ReginaldYankee Doodle Dandy-Selection-Part 2 (Yankee Doodle Boy-Nellie Kelly, I Love You-Belle OfIB19430000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3675RZ_03
484046Dixon, ReginaldYoung And HealthyI19330000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 889RZ_0028.02.1933CAR-1807
596525Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganA Faded Summer Love19320000-00-00Sterno 912Ster_00S-2227MT
596632Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganAlice, Where Art Thou19320000-00-00Sterno 975Ster_00MT
596675Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganAuf Wiedersehen, My Dear19320000-00-00Sterno 1000Ster_01MT
597896Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganClassical Memories (Part 1)A19320000-00-00Sterno 1012Ster_01MT
596697Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganClassical Memories (Part 2)B19320000-00-00Sterno 1012Ster_01MT
596738Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganClouds Will Soon Roll By, The19320000-00-00Sterno 1033Ster_01MT
597897Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganDixieland (Selection Part 1)A19320000-00-00Sterno 989Ster_00MT
596655Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganDixieland (Selection Part 2)B19320000-00-00Sterno 989Ster_00MT
596594Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganGoodnight, Vienna19320000-00-00Sterno 955Ster_00MT
596631Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganGrasshopper's Dance, The19320000-00-00Sterno 975Ster_00MT
596470Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganGuilty19320000-00-00Sterno 881Ster_00S-2158MT
596653Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganGypsy Moon19320000-00-00Sterno 988Ster_00MT
596526Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganI'll Always Be True19320000-00-00Sterno 912Ster_00S-2230MT
596761Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganIt Was So Beautiful19320000-00-00Sterno 1046Ster_01S-2539Barris, HarryFreed, ArthurMT
596471Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganMany Happy Retrurns Of The Day19320000-00-00Sterno 881Ster_00S-2160MT
596762Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganMoonlight On The River19320000-00-00Sterno 1046Ster_01MT
596654Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganParadise19320000-00-00Sterno 988Ster_00MT
596492Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganPenguin's Patrol, The19320000-00-00Sterno 893Ster_00Solex SX 116Solex_01S-2237MT
596782Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganPenguin's Patrol, The19320000-00-00Sterno 1057Ster_01S-2237MT
596723Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganSirene's Waltz19320000-00-00Sterno 1025Ster_01MT
596722Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganSkater's Waltz19320000-00-00Sterno 1025Ster_01MT
596674Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganSnuggled On Your Shoulder19320000-00-00Sterno 1000Ster_0156622300009897247Lombardo, CarmenYoung, JosephMTSnuggled_On_~Cros
596491Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganSpeak To Me Of Love19320000-00-00Sterno 893Ster_00S-2236MT
596781Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganSwirl Of The Kilt, The (Medley Of Scots Tunes)19320000-00-00Sterno 1057Ster_01Solex SX 116Solex_01S-2541MT
596597Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganWee MacGregor Patrol19320000-00-00Sterno 956Ster_00S-2339MT
596737Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganWherever You Are19320000-00-00Sterno 1033Ster_01MT
596596Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganWhistler And His Dog, The19320000-00-00Sterno 956Ster_00S-2336MT
596595Dixon, Reginald & His Mighty Wurlitzer OrganWhistling Waltz19323:210000-00-00Sterno 955Ster_00Evans, Tolchard/Reaves, ErrollEvans, Tolchard/Reaves, ErrollYT
656119Stafford, JeanPTangled Tunes (Part 1)A19320000-00-00Redwing R-1011Rw_01S-2269Sterno 1076Pseudonym von „Dixon, Reginald“. Wurlitzer Orgel.MT
656120Stafford, JeanPTangled Tunes (Part 2)B19320000-00-00Redwing R-1011Rw_01S-2270Sterno 1076Pseudonym von „Dixon, Reginald“. Wurlitzer Orgel.MT
596819Wilson, RoyTangled Tunes (Part 1)A19320000-00-00Sterno 1076Ster_01S-2269Redwing R-1011Pseudonym von „Dixon, Reginald“. Wurlitzer Orgel.MT
655779Wilson, RoyTangled Tunes (Part 2)B19320000-00-00Sterno 1076Ster_01S-2270Redwing R-1011Pseudonym von „Dixon, Reginald“. Wurlitzer Orgel.MT