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ID Interpret/in Ps Begleitung Musiktitel Stil Num Jahr Zeit Charteinstieg Label LbK 2. Label LbK2 Art.-Nr./EAN EAN/Art.-Nr. Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Vö.-Dat. Matrize Verweis Werk-Nr. CAE/IPI Komponist Texter Bemerkung Qu. Seite Musik-Quelle Original / Cover
55Starz(Any Way That You Want It) I'll Be ThereA19780000-00-00Capitol 4546Capi_04StarzStarzJW
740524Starz(Any Way That You Want It) I'll Be There19780000-00-00Capi_04StarzStarz
568417Swanee Quintet, The(Jesus Said If You Need Me) I'll Be There19610000-00-00Nashboro 691Nbr_00GDP
542409St. Paul Church Choir Of Los Angeles, The(Look For Me In Heaven) I'll Be ThereVA19480000-00-00Capitol 40110Capi_40Capitol T 791Capi_T_00Los Angeles, CA27.02.19483240-1Morris, KennethMorris, KennethSolist und Leiter: „Hines, J. Earl“.Cap1
706362Tommy Moeller30,000 I'll Be There19800000-00-00M7 MS-400M7_0005/1980GDP
519225Jones, EttaAnd I'll Be ThereV19622:540000-00-00Prestige 45-233Pres_45Cook, HowardCook, HowardDc De
1656435Jones, EttaAnd I'll Be ThereV1 1119622:540000-00-00Prestige 45-23338430125.05.2009Cook, HowardCook, Howard De
21271Grisham FamilyAngels Tell My Mother I'll Be There19270000-00-00Columbia 15255-DCol_15d24.10.1927W145004
1123519Fields, ArthurAny Place The Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There)3:130000-00-006967423 De
1049853Fields, ArthurAny Place The Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There)3:120000-00-007861778 De
1049854Fields, ArthurAny Place The Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There)3:120000-00-007996196 De
1565812Fields, Arthur & Peerless QuartetAny Place The Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There)19180000-00-00Columbia A 251415.02.191877677McKenna, William J.McKenna, William J.JO
755369Fields, Arthur & Peerless QuartetAny Place The Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There)19180000-00-00Col_A2BB15.02.191877677McKenna, William J.McKenna, William J.
22516Fields, Arthur & Peerless QuartetAny Place The Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There)19180000-00-00Columbia A 2514Col_A2BB15.02.191877677McKenna, William J.McKenna, William J.JWJO
1123512Fields, ArthurAny Place the Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There) (Remastered)3:120000-00-007996196 De
1123516Fields, ArthurAny Place the Old Gang Goes (I'll Be There) (Remastered)3:120000-00-007861778 De
22839Anka, PaulAnytime (I'll Be There)V19753:170000-00-00United Artists 789UA_00724383699322Anka, PaulAnka, PaulJW De
1739355Anka, PaulAnytime (I'll Be There)V1 0819753:170000-00-00United Artists 78931588501.01.1996Anka, PaulAnka, Paul De
755608Anka, PaulAnytime (I'll Be There)V19753:170000-00-00UA_00724383699322Anka, PaulAnka, Paul
22840Sinatra, FrankAnytime (I'll Be There)V19750000-00-00Reprise 1327Rep_01RepriseRecordsJW
755609Sinatra, FrankAnytime (I'll Be There)V19753:20000-00-00Rep_019362470452
755610Sinatra, FrankAnytime (I'll Be There)V19750000-00-00Rep_01RepriseRecords
1269306Williams, ClarenceAnywhere Sweetie Goes (I'll Be There)19273:000000-00-0042025710.03.192714.09.2009(03-10-27) De
29868Smith, MelvinBaby, I'll Be There19520000-00-00RCA 20-4907RCA20_04RCA 47-4907RCA47_0478
55274Autry, GeneCall For Me And I'll Be ThereV19420000-00-00Columbia 36608Col_36Okeh 6684Ok_0626.03.1942H-76078
55275Autry, GeneCall For Me And I'll Be ThereV19420000-00-00Columbia 37027Col_37Columbia 20053Col_2026.03.1942H-760=1Columbia 37027
775507Pickett, WilsonCall My Name, I'll Be ThereV19712:180000-00-00Atl_02Album1379Crawford, Dave/Shapiro, BradMartin, Willie
55467Pickett, WilsonCall My Name, I'll Be ThereV19712:180000-00-00Atlantic 2824Atl_02Album1379Crawford, Dave/Shapiro, BradMartin, WillieJW
1296119Rembrandts, TheFriends-I'll Be There For You3:010000-00-0098774820.09.2010 De
1439447I FuggiaschiGira giraV19663:080000-00-00661792114.03.2013Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontReach out i'll be there DeCOVER. Original filtern
1689818I FuggiaschiGira giraV1 1519663:070000-00-00 Bambini e Musica5944946223.03.2018Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, Lamontreach out i'll be there DeCOVER. Original filtern
822692Pavone, RitaGira Gira (Reach Qut I'll Be There)V19663:030000-00-0074321844462303.09.2001Dozier, Lamont/Holland, Brian
128879Restivo, JohnnyGive Me A Little Whistle (And I'll Be There)V19600000-00-00RCA 47-7818RCA47_07GDP
144220Coot Grant-wesley WilsonHave Your Chill-I'll Be There19250000-00-00Paramount 12317Pm_1215.09.1925P2281Kid Wesley Wilson78
538417Houston, CissyI Believe-I'll Be There19700000-00-00Major Minor MM 700MaMi_01GDP
738988Affection CollectionI'll Be There19690000-00-00Evolution 1004Evl_01GDP
568004Angelic Singers, TheI'll Be There19630000-00-00Nashboro 787Nbr_00GDP
858972Appleby, KimI'll Be There19904:300000-00-0097094a0aAppleby, Kim & MelAppleby, Kim & Mel
1301644Aznavour, CharlesI'll Be ThereV3:330000-00-00129993803.03.2003 De
858973Before FourI'll Be There20033:590000-00-0060249812514424.10.2003Before FourBefore FourCOVER. Original filtern
858974Before FourI'll Be There20034:010000-00-003186752003Before FourBefore FourCOVER. Original filtern
858975Before FourI'll Be There20033:590000-00-0082876572362605.12.2003Before FourBefore FourCOVER. Original filtern
188476Bennett, Cliff & Rebel Rousers, TheI'll Be ThereV19672:360000-00-00Parlophone 5598PP_05GDP De
1660295Bennett, Cliff & Rebel Rousers, TheI'll Be ThereV3 1919672:360000-00-00Parlophone 559832493706.04.2009Mono;2009 Remastered Version De
858976Bertone, Bruno & His OrchestraI'll Be There00004:190000-00-00222 401Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, BobCOVER. Original filtern
1296037Campbell, TevinI'll Be There4:460000-00-00513142 De
858977Carey, MariahI'll Be ThereV19984:250000-00-00492604 216.11.1998Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, BobMTV UnpluggedCOVER. Original filtern
1521127Carey, MariahI'll Be ThereV1 0819924:240000-00-007613312.11.2001Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, BobAlbum Version DeCOVER. Original filtern
1064298Chacksfield, Frank & His OrchestraI'll Be ThereI2:370000-00-00821331225.05.2012 De
1369401Champs, TheI'll Be There1 102:550000-00-00One Day Music1475652209.12.2016 De
1304396Champs, TheI'll Be There1 032:560000-00-00671278922.06.2013 De
646466Charles, HarryI'll Be There19680000-00-00Boyd 160Boyd_00GDP
858978Charles, TinaI'll Be There00004:100000-00-00426001075846921.10.2008Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, BobCOVER. Original filtern
568008Chosen Gospel Singers, TheI'll Be There19630000-00-00Nashboro 789Nbr_00GDP
579867Collins, RodgerI'll Be ThereV19730000-00-00Fantasy 698Fts_00GDP
188477Commodores, TheI'll Be There19570000-00-00Challenge 1007Chall_01GDP
550517Cosby, EarlI'll Be There19650000-00-00Mira 204Mira_00GDP
188478Cowboy CopasI'll Be There19540000-00-00King 1329King_01GDP
188479Creager, Willie & His Orchestra(vIK)I'll Be ThereV19290000-00-00Harmony 1002-HHa_01Velvet Tone 2002VT_0221.06.1929148728=2"gloryfying American Girls"78
188489Cromwell, GeorgeI'll Be There19580000-00-00Glory 284Glory_00GDP
1438273Cyril AchardI'll Be There20034:440000-00-00765263Roth, Uli JonRoth, Uli Jon DeCOVER. Original filtern
188480Damita JoI'll Be There19612:460000-00-00Mercury 71840Merc_71Leiber, Jerry/Stoller, MikeKing, Ben E.JW DeCOVER. Original filtern
1542491Damita JoI'll Be There1 1119612:490000-00-00Mercury 7184047357301.09.2009Leiber, Jerry/Stoller, MikeKing, Ben E. DeCOVER. Original filtern
858979Damita JoI'll Be There19612:480000-00-00Merc_71Leiber, Jerry/Stoller, MikeKing, Ben E.COVER. Original filtern
1543858Damita JoI'll Be There1 3719612:480000-00-00Mercury 718401145589809.10.2015Leiber, Jerry/Stoller, MikeKing, Ben E.Bonus Track DeCOVER. Original filtern
1712077Damita JoI'll Be There1 6319612:450000-00-00Mercury 71840621461204.01.2013Leiber, Jerry/Stoller, MikeKing, Ben E. DeCOVER. Original filtern
1696249Damita JoI'll Be There1 0119612:460000-00-00Mercury 7184013830718207.06.2019Leiber, Jerry/Stoller, MikeKing, Ben E. DeCOVER. Original filtern
188481Daniels, MelvinI'll Be There19530000-00-00RPM 383RPM_00GDP
1617196Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV19592:100000-00-00Atlantic ATL 70 019London HLK 9215777383122.07.195915.06.20143981Darin, BobbyDarin, Bobby DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
188482Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereVB19592:060000-00-00Atlantic ATL 70 019Wea070London HLK 9215Lo_HL09b810381e22.07.19593981Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyDB DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
188483Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereVB19592:060000-00-00Atco 6167Atco_06b810381eNew York City22.07.19593981Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyJW DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1611593Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV19592:160000-00-00Atlantic ATL 70 019London HLK 9215843600222.07.195908.09.20143981Darin, BobbyDarin, Bobby DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
858980Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV19592:110000-00-00Atco_067599276062122.07.19593981Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyORIGINAL. Cover filtern
858981Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV19592:110000-00-00Atco_06DarinBobby0322.07.19593981Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyORIGINAL. Cover filtern
858982Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV19592:120000-00-00Atco_06b810381e22.07.19593981Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1753729Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV1 1119592:060000-00-00Atlantic ATL 70 019London HLK 9215714264022.07.195922.11.20133981Darin, BobbyDarin, Bobby DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1612796Darin, BobbyI'll Be ThereV19592:110000-00-00Atlantic ATL 70 019London HLK 9215124782422.07.195915.08.20113981Darin, BobbyDarin, Bobby DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
188484Delmore Brothers, TheI'll Be ThereV19510000-00-00King 1023King_01GDP
1181872Don AndersI'll Be There4:550000-00-008209634 De
188486Dorsey, Tommy & His OrchestrasfI'll Be ThereI19470000-00-00RCA 20-2363RCA20_0201.07.1947D7VB058678
188487Duffy Taylor BluesI'll Be There0000-00-00Page 1 130Page_00GDP
188488Escape Club, TheI'll Be There19910000-00-00Atlantic 7-87683Atl_87Escape Club, TheEscape Club, TheJW
858983Escape Club, TheI'll Be There19910000-00-00Atl_87Escape Club, TheEscape Club, The
682604Fair, JimmieI'll Be There0000-00-00Gateway 1076GW_01GDP
858984Fisher, EddieI'll Be ThereV00004:050000-00-0042ndStreet
1543437Gerry & The PacemakersI'll Be ThereV19653:130000-00-00Laurie 3279Capitol 7220430908313.04.2009Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyMono DeCOVER. Original filtern
188490Gerry & The PacemakersI'll Be ThereV19653:130000-00-00Laurie 3279Lau_03Capitol 72204Capi_72APMDarin, BobbyDarin, BobbyJW DeCOVER. Original filtern
1046930Gerry & The PacemakersI'll Be ThereV19703:130000-00-00Lau_03APMDarin, BobbyDarin, BobbyCOVER. Original filtern
1041652Gerry & The PacemakersI'll Be ThereV19640000-00-00Lau_031000OrigHits65Darin, BobbyDarin, BobbyCOVER. Original filtern
1242836Graham BlvdI'll Be ThereV20103:190000-00-00865565708.06.2010 De
188491Griffin, MervI'll Be ThereV19530000-00-00Columbia 40026Col_40CO49338Engvick/P.campbell78
685068Hansard, KirkI'll Be There19690000-00-00Chart 5010Chart_05GDP
188492Higgins, ChuckI'll Be There19540000-00-00Specialty 532Speci_00GDP
1112584Hit Crew MastersI'll Be ThereV3:520000-00-008483205 De
1720665Hit Crew, TheI'll Be ThereV1 0220074:120000-00-00Drew's Famous626842222.01.2013Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, Bob DeCOVER. Original filtern
645406Holman, EddieI'll Be ThereV19700000-00-00ABC 11265ABC_11GDP
565049Honey & The BeesI'll Be ThereV19693:480000-00-00Arctic 149Arctic_00GDP De
1704134Honey & The BeesI'll Be ThereV1 0619693:480000-00-00Arctic 149899916301.01.1999 De
580668Houston, CissyI'll Be There19710000-00-00Janus 145Janus_00GDP
188493Howard, Eddy & His OrchestraI'll Be ThereB19470000-00-00Majestic 1170Maj_0115.08.1947T-128378
188494Irby, Joyce "Fenderella"I'll Be There19900000-00-00Motown 2032FenderellaWright, K./Jones, R.JW
858985Irby, Joyce "Fenderella"I'll Be There19900000-00-00FenderellaWright, K./Jones, R.
188495Jackson Five, TheI'll Be ThereVA19703:560000-00-00Motown 1171Mt_01Tamla Motown 006-91 8501c006-911171Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, BobGDP DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
858986Jackson Five, TheI'll Be ThereV19703:560000-00-00Mt_01Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, BobORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1594532Jackson Five, TheI'll Be ThereV19703:440000-00-00Motown 1171Tamla Motown 006-91 850125020001.01.1993Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, Bob DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1596346Jackson Five, TheI'll Be ThereV19703:560000-00-00Motown 1171Tamla Motown 006-91 85025416401.01.1971Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, Bob DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
712164Jewell Hall [Jeenel Hall] with OrchestraI'll Be There19640000-00-00MGM 13238MGM_1364-XY-397GDP
1768186Jones, EttaI'll Be There1 252:550000-00-00875945112.09.2014 De
188496Kay, KathieI'll Be ThereB19552:400000-00-00Polygon 1168Polyg_01Sampler0783Wayne, JerryWayne, JerryDB
858987Kay, KathieI'll Be There19552:400000-00-00Polyg_01Sampler0783Wayne, JerryWayne, Jerry
858988Laine, PaulI'll Be There000012:050000-00-00
527071Lewis, Archie & Geraldo Strings, TheI'll Be ThereV19490000-00-00Parlophone F 2328Pa_F2
188497Little EstherI'll Be ThereV19513:000000-00-00Federal 12065Fed_12BestOf0307New York City08.11.1951F195JacksonJacksonKL_20570 De
858989Little EstherI'll Be ThereV19513:040000-00-00Fed_12BestOf0307New York City08.11.1951F195JacksonJackson
1691900Little EstherI'll Be ThereV1 1019513:000000-00-00Federal 12065942431307510506624New York City08.11.195104.08.2008F195JacksonJackson11-08-51 De
188498Loggins, KennyI'll Be There19853:370000-00-00Columbia 38-05625Col_380Loggins, Kenny & E. E.Foster, DavidJW
858990Loggins, KennyI'll Be There19853:370000-00-00Col_380Loggins, Kenny & E. E.Foster, David
1451217Longet, ClaudineI'll Be There1 0619712:470000-00-0098112906.04.2008Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, Bob DeCOVER. Original filtern
539640Majors, TheI'll Be There19630000-00-00Imperial 66009Imp_66GDP
188500McCravy, Frank & JamesI'll Be There19290000-00-00Victor 40265Vic_4016.12.19295778178
1459699Me First And The Gimme GimmesI'll Be ThereV1 1020032:070000-00-00Fat Wreck Chords105597901.07.2003Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, Bob DeCOVER. Original filtern
1064297Melvin Daniels with the King Curtis OrchestraI'll Be There3:260000-00-00820404628.07.2014 De
188502Moore, MelvinI'll Be There19520000-00-00King 4519King_04GDP
544453Murray's MonkeysI'll Be There19660000-00-00HBR 469HBR_00GDP
646594Orlando, TonyI'll Be ThereV19630000-00-00Epic 9622Epic_09GDP
552202Patriots, TheI'll Be There19660000-00-00Mainstream 631Mst_00Fontana TF 650Phil_TF01GDP
188503Paul, DelicatoI'll Be ThereA60er0000-00-00London HLO 10535Lo_HL10
1064299Peregrina, EddieI'll Be There3:080000-00-00912124 De
858991Presley, ElvisI'll Be ThereV19722:240000-00-00Elvis131Darin, BobbyDarin, Bobby
1509756Presley, ElvisI'll Be ThereV4 1819722:220000-00-00RCA Records Label11485723.05.2014Darin, BobbyDarin, Bobby De
1641244Price, RayI'll Be ThereV19572:270000-00-00Columbia 40889751777507.03.2014CO57622Burgess De
1641035Price, RayI'll Be ThereV19572:270000-00-00Columbia 40889960533202.02.2015CO57622Burgess De
188504Price, RayI'll Be ThereV19572:270000-00-00Columbia 40889Col_40CO57622Burgess78 De
1656815Price, RayI'll Be ThereV1 1219572:270000-00-00Columbia 40889894921725.10.2014CO57622Burgess(Original Mix) De
1397527Rhythm Aces, TheI'll Be There1 072:000000-00-00Diamond Days720169105.05.2008 De
188499Richards, MarkI'll Be There19650000-00-00ABC-Paramount 10654ABC_P_10GDP
188505Robins, JamesI'll Be There19630000-00-00Federal 12504Fed_12GDP
188501Rooney, Mickey (Jr.)I'll Be There19660000-00-00Liberty 55912Lib_55GDP
858992Roth, Uli JonI'll Be There19854:520000-00-00Roth, Uli JonRoth, Uli JonORIGINAL. Cover filtern
188506Savage, EdnaI'll Be There19550000-00-00Parlophone 4017Pa_04GDP
737507Shepherd Sisters, TheI'll Be There19550000-00-00Benida 5034Bnd_05GDP
1687945Sign Posters, TheI'll Be ThereV6 1120113:570000-00-00Signature624856301.07.2011 De
858993SladeI'll Be ThereV19844:320000-00-0073145474102604.01.2000Holder, NoddyLea, Jimmy
858994SladeI'll Be ThereV19844:320000-00-0073145474062304.01.2000Holder, NoddyLea, Jimmy
1226104Sonny James, Eddie Wills and Texas Slim and His CowboysI'll Be There2:040000-00-00394820120.06.2012 De
1648977Stafford, JoI'll Be ThereV19573:040000-00-00Columbia 40926629262411.10.2007RHCO40228Burgess De
188507Stafford, JoI'll Be ThereV19573:040000-00-00Columbia 40926Col_40RHCO40228Burgess78 De
569082Stevens, Roy & His OrchestraI'll Be There19480000-00-00Manor 1167Manor_0178
693032SunnyI'll Be There19680000-00-00Key-Loc 1018KeLo_01GDP
698200The 5I'll Be There19650000-00-00Sunshine QK-1132SS_QK_0110/1965GDP
188508Three Riffs, The & Pettiford, Oscar (Trio)I'll Be There19490000-00-00Atlantic 871Atl_00New York City12.01.1949172
1674563Trent, JackieI'll Be ThereV2 0619692:530000-00-00Pye 7N 17693Astor AP 15921394374623.07.2002 De
555489Trent, JackieI'll Be ThereV19692:530000-00-00Pye 7N 17693Pye7N17Astor AP 1592Ast_APGDP De
534277Tubb, Ernest & The Texas TroubadoursI'll Be ThereVA119652:130000-00-00Decca DL 4746Dec_DL_4Nashville, RCA Victor Studio20.04.196513411Gabbard, RustyPrice, RayET0413
1198267Uli Jon Roth And Electric SunI'll Be There4:530000-00-00305892 De
643329Uptones, TheI'll Be There19620000-00-00Barry B-3149Barry_03GDP
188509Uptones, TheI'll Be There19620000-00-00Lute 6225Lute_06GDP
188510Welch, LennyI'll Be ThereV19650000-00-00Kapp 689Kapp_00GDP
188511Wilder Brothers, TheI'll Be There19700000-00-00GNP Crescendo 434GNP_00GDP
188485Williams, DickI'll Be There19570000-00-00Jubilee 5281Jubi_05GDP
188512Young, MonalisaI'll Be ThereB19830000-00-00Motown 1665Mt_01GDP
647256Young-Holt UnlimitedI'll Be There19710000-00-00Cotillion 44120Cot_44GDP
1064296ZolaI'll Be There3:450000-00-00754519 De
1173820Gloved Ones, TheI'll Be There (as made famous by The Jackson 5)3:380000-00-00473160 De
1173821Gloved Ones, TheI'll Be There (as made famous by The Jackson 5)3:380000-00-00410341 De
1348268Fogerty, JohnI'll Be There (If Ever You Want Me)1 062:570000-00-0038736331.08.2009 De
858995Cale, J. J.I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V19742:240000-00-00Album087903.04.1990Gabbard, RustyPrice, RayCOVER. Original filtern
188513Cowboy CopasI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)19540000-00-00King 1329King_01K-3744=C2Price/GabbardGDP
1244531Hit Crew, TheI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V20132:200000-00-00627535212.02.2013 De
1244280Hit Crew, TheI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V20132:200000-00-00626742629.01.2013 De
1454277Jones, GeorgeI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V1 1719612:100000-00-00695177512.09.2013Gabbard, RustyPrice, Ray DeCOVER. Original filtern
1499165Price, RayI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V19542:300000-00-00166540126.03.2012Gabbard, RustyPrice, Ray DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
858996Price, RayI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V19542:280000-00-00710e5d18Gabbard, RustyPrice, RayORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1505660Price, RayI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V1 9719542:300000-00-00839368815.08.2014Gabbard, RustyPrice, Ray DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1495464Price, RayI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V19542:300000-00-00407629112.08.2011Gabbard, RustyPrice, Ray DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1504444Price, RayI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)V19542:270000-00-00157519531.05.2008Gabbard, RustyPrice, Ray DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
188514Carey, MariahI'll Be There (Live-Unplugged)V19925:070000-00-00Columbia 74330H.Davis,B.Gordy,W.Hutch,B.WestJW
858997Carey, MariahI'll Be There (Live-Unplugged)V19925:070000-00-00H.Davis,B.Gordy,W.Hutch,B.West
1173822Vitamin String Quartet, TheI'll Be There (String Quartet Tribute to the Jackson 5)4:170000-00-008707547 De
858998Carey, MariahI'll Be There (Unplugged Version)V19924:200000-00-0007474500-1030.09.1993Davis, Hal/Gordy, BerryHutch, Willie/West, Bob
562426Commodores, TheI'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)19580000-00-00Sparton 531Spart_00Challenge 1007Chall_01GDP
1336184Price, RayI'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)V1 102:530000-00-00839368815.08.2014 De
1741050Stafford, JoI'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)V3 243:050000-00-00Master Tape Records17672702209.10.2020Remastered De
188515Martin, Asa Kentucky HillbillyI'll Be There A Long, Long Time19380000-00-00Vocalion 4673Vo_0415.12.1938SC13078
188516Bon JoviI'll Be There For YouV19880000-00-00Mercury 872 564Poly08725229362Jovi, Jon Bon/Sambora, RichieQuinnJWORIGINAL. Cover filtern
858999Bon JoviI'll Be There For YouV19880000-00-00Poly08725380242Jovi, Jon Bon/Sambora, RichieQuinnORIGINAL. Cover filtern
859000Bon JoviI'll Be There For YouV19880000-00-00Poly08725229362Jovi, Jon Bon/Sambora, RichieQuinnORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1091276Boppin'BI'll Be There For You2:340000-00-0037768501.07.2003 De
1296810Cinema StarzI'll Be There For You3:040000-00-00775245720.04.2014 De
1402937Cool SensationI'll Be There For YouV1 193:050000-00-00Marathon Media889452918.09.2014 De
1297812Gold Rush Studio OrchesterI'll Be There For YouI1:340000-00-001206277820.11.2013Aus der Sofa - Komödie "Friends" De
1433426Hit Crew, TheI'll Be There For YouV20023:050000-00-00508877Skloff, MichaelWillis, Allee DeCOVER. Original filtern
1753208More Than WordsI'll Be There For You1 303:030000-00-00Musik auf Deutsch29349401225.03.2018 De
188517Rembrandts, TheI'll Be There For You19953:040000-00-00EastWest 64384Skloff, MichaelWillis, AlleeAus der TV-Serie 'Friends'.JWORIGINAL. Cover filtern
859001Rembrandts, TheI'll Be There For You19953:040000-00-00Skloff, MichaelWillis, AlleeAus der TV-Serie 'Friends'.ORIGINAL. Cover filtern
859002Solid HarmonieI'll Be There For You19973:110000-00-002f1228141997
859003Moffatts, TheI'll Be There For You (Radio Edit)19973:400000-00-0034 571 01998Berman, F./Berman, Ch.Coplan, J./Brunner, D.
859004Method ManI'll Be There For You-You're All I Need To Get By19950000-00-00Not Listed
188518Lee, RobertaI'll Be There If You Ever Want MeV19540000-00-00Decca 29073Dec_29L 757478
1348151Russell, LeonI'll Be There If You Ever Want MeV1 1119842:560000-00-00106957523.10.2001Dc De
188519Price, RayI'll Be There If You Want MeV50-540000-00-00Columbia 21214Col_21CO50699R.price/Gabbard
859005Clifton, BillI'll Be There Mary Dear57-580000-00-00
1354071Country Gentlemen, TheI'll Be There Mary Dear2 2362-713:110000-00-00646172120.05.2005 De
188520Murray, BillyI'll Be There Mary DearV04-070000-00-00ARC 121ARC_0078
188521Roy Harvey N.carolina RamblersI'll Be There Mary Dear19280000-00-00Brunswick 234Br_0016.02.1928AL27078
188522Damme, Art VanI'll Be There With Bells OnV50-510000-00-00Capitol 1494Capi_0178
188523Jones, AdaI'll Be There With Bells OnV19090000-00-00Columbia A-0726Col_A015.07.19094138Sopran78
188524Quinlan, RobertaI'll Be There With Bells OnV19510000-00-00Mercury 5640Merc_0578
188525Stanley, Frank & Stevenson, EliseI'll Be There With Bells On19090000-00-00Victor 16285Vic_1622.01.1909B-6744=2Morse78
1281787McDonald, JaneI'll Be There [Acoustic Version, Bonus Track]4:360000-00-009941156 De
188526Harlan, Byron G. & Banta, Frank P.I'll be there, I'll be there, Mary dear19020000-00-00Edison 8164Edi_08New York City15.06.19028164Edi
607868White Star SyncopatorsSarony, LeslieIf You Beckon With Your Finger, I'll Be ThereV19310000-00-00Octacros 168Oct_00London4571-2Vokalist aus Diskografie im Datenfeld „Begleitung“.BDB1082
591004White Star SyncopatorsSarony, LeslieIf You Beckon With Your Finger, I'll Be ThereV19310000-00-00Piccadilly 870Pic_00Vokalist aus Diskografie im Datenfeld „Begleitung“.Dc
1408744Laddins, TheIf You Need Me I'll Be ThereV1 082:060000-00-00Vinyl Masters695757001.09.2013 De
1124997Boyz II MenIt's The Same Old Song/Reach Out I'll Be There3:550000-00-0010044613.11.2007 De
876317Proby, P. J.Just Call And I'll Be ThereV19642:350000-00-00Blackwell, CharlesBlackwell, CharlesORIGINAL. Cover filtern
876328Blackmore's NightJust Call My Name (I'll Be There)20064:490000-00-0069372399702517.03.2006Blackmore, RitchieTurner, Joe Lynn
539692Proby, P. J.Just Call, I'll Be ThereV19640000-00-00Imperial 66079Imp_66GDP
254684First Edition, TheLook Around, I'll Be There19680000-00-00Reprise 0693Rep_00GDP
708776Earl SinkLook For Me (I'll Be There)19610000-00-00Warner 5197Wea_05
581021The WMA Singers of Houston, TexasLook For Me In Heaven I'll Be There19500000-00-00De Luxe 3129DeL_03GDP
581789The WMA Singers of Houston, TexasLook For Me In Heaven I'll Be There19480000-00-00De Luxe 1129DeL_01GDP
254820Jim & JesseLook For Me, I'll Be ThereV19540000-00-00Capitol F 2798Capi_F0278
568688Harmonizing Five, TheLord, I'll Be There19660000-00-00Nashboro 888Nbr_00GDP
1361263Four Tops, TheMedley: Reach Out I'll Be There-Standing In The Shadows Of Love (Live)1 1420063:010000-00-0020417801.01.2008 De
1327051Cole, Nat „King“ (Trio)Meet Me At No Special Place (And I'll Be There At No Particular Time)8 043:100000-00-0066083624.06.20081993 Digital Remaster De
274654Pastor, Tony & His OrchestraMeet Me At No Special Place (And I'll Be There At No Particular Time)19470000-00-00Columbia 37353Col_3707.03.1947CO-37447RyM
1159377ASU Sun Devil Marching BandMotown Tribute Opener : I'll Be There, Get Ready, Keep Me Hangin' On2:370000-00-005868371 De
1456601BoyzoneReach Out (I'll Be There)1 0820143:130000-00-00East West Records910606921.11.2014Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie HollandLamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie Holland DeCOVER. Original filtern
1362769Barnes, JimmyReach Out I'll Be ThereV1 1419913:400000-00-00Liberation Music684117701.01.2006 De
1372291Blue Rubatos, TheReach Out I'll Be ThereV1 173:010000-00-00CHV Music Factory573358129.08.2012 De
735316Chellows, TheReach Out I'll Be There19670000-00-00Hit 270HiR_00GDP
1038705Four Tops, TheReach Out I'll Be There19660000-00-00Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie HollandLamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie HollandORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1688479Four Tops, TheReach Out I'll Be There4 0719662:590000-00-00UNI/MOTOWN9366117224.11.2006Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie HollandLamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie Holland DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1221389Gaynor, GloriaReach Out I'll Be ThereV046:140000-00-0010339601.01.1993 De
694228Mobley, HankReach Out I'll Be ThereI0000-00-00Blue Note 1938BN_01GDP
1184300Ross, DianaReach Out I'll Be There19714:050000-00-0025403501.01.2008 De
1329995Taylor, Bobby & The VancouversReach Out I'll Be There2:550000-00-00177849 De
1381416Tremeloes, TheReach Out I'll Be There2 123:040000-00-00Castle Communications1394466806.07.2004 De
1076130Four Tops, TheReach out I'll Be There (Live)1:490000-00-00784692601.08.2013 De
1124963Ross, DianaReach Out I'll Be There (Long Stereo Promo Version)19715:030000-00-0025403501.01.2008 De
1184308Ross, DianaReach Out I'll Be There (Mono Promo Version)19714:010000-00-0025403501.01.2008 De
1184315Ross, DianaReach Out I'll Be There (Short Stereo Promo Version)19714:020000-00-0025403501.01.2008 De
1046847American Pop MusicREACH OUT I'LL BE THERE RED, RED WINE19660000-00-00APM_01APM
943659Bolton, MichaelReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19660000-00-00509975139752603.11.2003Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontCOVER. Original filtern
943660Dee, Joey & The StarlitersReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:350000-00-000000219WES06.09.1999Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontCOVER. Original filtern
943661Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:550000-00-00Mt_01Sampler0172Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontORIGINAL. Cover filtern
943662Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:590000-00-00Mt_01Archiv_WolfHolland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontORIGINAL. Cover filtern
943663Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:590000-00-00Mt_012900035Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontORIGINAL. Cover filtern
943664Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:580000-00-00Mt_01Sampler0177Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontORIGINAL. Cover filtern
943665Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:590000-00-00Mt_015308252Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontORIGINAL. Cover filtern
943666Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19662:560000-00-00Mt_01Sampler0666Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1594511Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19663:020000-00-00Motown 1098125020001.01.1993Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, Lamont DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
342986Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereVA19663:020000-00-00Motown 1098Mt_01Sampler0666Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontJW DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
342987Gaynor, GloriaReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19753:070000-00-00MGM 2006 499Poly2006Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontJWCOVER. Original filtern
342988Mauriat, Paul & His OrchestraReach Out, I'll Be There19670000-00-00Philips 40440Phil_040GDP
1329973McDonald, MichaelReach Out, I'll Be There2 0320043:400000-00-0024034307.02.2005Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, Lamont De
342989Moses, LeeReach Out, I'll Be There19670000-00-00Musicor 1227Musi_01Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie HollandCOVER. Original filtern
342990Renzetti, JoeReach Out, I'll Be There19670000-00-00Mala 581Mala_00GDP
943667Ross, DianaReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19710000-00-00Mt_01Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontCOVER. Original filtern
342991Ross, DianaReach Out, I'll Be ThereVA19710000-00-00Motown 1184Mt_01Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, Lamont45COVER. Original filtern
943668Stars On 45Reach Out, I'll Be There19810000-00-000060.441Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, Lamont
943669Tremeloes, TheReach Out, I'll Be ThereV19683:070000-00-000000469NEM28.07.2000Holland, Brian & Edward Jr.Dozier, LamontCOVER. Original filtern
1218335Four Tops, TheReach Out, I'll Be There (Album Version-Stereo)19663:000000-00-0026454528.07.2008 De
393694My Dear WatsonStop, Stop, I'll Be There19680000-00-00Parlophone 5737PP_05GDP
1234818Weavers, TheSuliram (I'll Be There)LA0919562:050000-00-00620587815.12.1956 De
409155Acuff, Roy & His Crazy TennesseeansTell Mother I'll Be There19370000-00-00Vocalion 4374Vo_04Melotone 7-06-54Me_0715.03.1937B1478
409156Acuff, Roy & His Crazy TennesseeansTell Mother I'll Be There19370000-00-00Columbia 37006Col_3715.03.1937B1478
409157Acuff, Roy & His Smoky Mountain BoysTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19370000-00-00Melotone 7-06-54Me_0715.03.193706/1937B14
409158Acuff, Roy & His Smoky Mountain BoysTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19370000-00-00Columbia 20032Col_2015.03.1937B14
409159Acuff, Roy & His Smoky Mountain BoysTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19370000-00-00Conqueror 8877Cq_08Melotone 7065415.03.1937B14=2ME70654
587661Brown And BradshawTell Mother I'll Be ThereA0000-00-00Herwin 75543Hwin_75268978
409181Carson, SamTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19350000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1749RZ_01
409160Columbia QuartetTell Mother I'll Be There19070000-00-00Columbia A-0264Col_A015.10.190703751!Fillmore, Charles H.78
409161Criterion QuartetTell Mother I'll Be There23-260000-00-00Brunswick 2869Br02Fillmore78
409162Dean, Jimmy & EddieTell Mother I'll Be ThereA19340000-00-00Decca 5023Dec_05Chicago10.09.1934C-944678
409164Ed GilletteTell Mother I'll Be There19300000-00-00Madison 6026Mad_062387=B
409165Edison Mixed QuartetteTell Mother I'll Be There19070000-00-00Edison 9639Edi_09New York City15.05.19079639Fillmore, Charles M.V4Edi
409166Elysian SingersTell Mother I'll Be There19050000-00-00Edison Bell 6578EdiB_06London15.04.19052M-6578Fillmore, Charles M.EdiBell
531980Hamlin Male QuartetteTell Mother I'll Be There19270000-00-00Silvertone 5071Si_05Birmingham15.08.1927GEX-0806-AGennett 6258Fillmore, Charles H.Fillmore, Charles H.Pseudonym von „Woodlawn Quartette“.CMR0972
529218Hamlin Male QuartetteTell Mother I'll Be ThereVB19270000-00-00Supertone 9270Spt_09Birmingham15.08.1927GEX-0806-AGennett 6258Fillmore, Charles H.Fillmore, Charles H.Pseudonym von „Woodlawn Quartette“.CMR0972
409163Hamlin Quartette, ThePTell Mother I'll Be ThereVB19270000-00-00Champion 15411Ch_15Birmingham16.08.1927GEX-0806-AGennett 6258Fillmore, Charles H.Fillmore, Charles H.Pseudonym von „Woodlawn Quartette“.CMR0972
409167Hamlin Sacred QuartetTell Mother I'll Be There26-270000-00-00Challenge 339Chg_00GEX-0806a78
409168Hart, CharlesTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19210000-00-00OKeh 4480Ok_0415.10.1921S-70235=BC.m.fillmore78
409169Haydn QuartetTell Mother I'll Be ThereVA19080000-00-00Victor 16414Vic_1608.06.1908B-3124=2V-4654*FillmoreJW
409170Haydn QuartetTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19080000-00-00Victor 4654Vic_0408.06.1908B-3124=2Victor 16414+78
409171Holy Trinity QuartetTell Mother I'll Be There19240000-00-00Cameo 614Ca_0012.10.19241179=B78p
409172Invicible FourTell Mother I'll Be ThereA19190000-00-00Pathé 22221Pat_2267848=1AFillmore
409173Jones BrothersTell Mother I'll Be There19310000-00-00Melotone M 12141Mel_12Panachord 25079Pan_2515.03.1931E-36241FillmorePhil & Frank
409174Jordan, RichardTell Mother I'll Be There19280000-00-00OKeh 41130Ok_4115.10.1928W401227Fillmore78
409175Litchfield, BenTell Mother I'll Be ThereVA22-300000-00-00Grey Gull 4127GG_042387=3DBFillmorePseudonym von „Fields, Arthur“.
409176MacEwan, WilliamTell Mother I'll Be There19040000-00-00Edison 13228Edi_13London15.12.190413228Fillmore, Charles M.Edi
984883Murray, BillyTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19100000-00-00BB
409177Peerless QuartetTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19240000-00-00Victor 19877Vic_19Montgomery 4810MW_0415.11.192431131Montgomery 481078
409178Peerless QuartetTell Mother I'll Be ThereVA19190000-00-00Pathé 20756Pat_2015.07.191967848Fillmore78
409179Rodeheaver, HomerTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19260000-00-00Vocalion 15309Vo_1515.02.1926E-267478
409180Rodeheaver, HomerTell Mother I'll Be ThereV23-260000-00-00Brunswick 2920Br0278
529320Roxy QuartetTell Mother I'll Be There19280000-00-00Supertone 9133Spt_09GEX-1283!X0806-A
409182Sloan & LitchfieldTell Mother I'll Be ThereA19220000-00-00Grey Gull 4066GG_041750=3DAGL4006
409183Smith's Sacred SingersTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19340000-00-00Bluebird B-5671BB_05Atlanta31.07.19348286278
513128Sterling TrioTell Mother I'll Be ThereVB0000-00-00Federal 5044Fed_05Silvertone 2044Si_022-415Federal 5044Fillmore78
409184WestminsterTell Mother I'll Be There19060000-00-00Edison Bell 10074EdiB_10London15.10.19062M-10074Fillmore, Charles M.EdiBell
409185Wheeler, Frederick J.Tell Mother I'll Be There19110000-00-00Edison Amberol 680Edi_A00New York City15.01.19114M-680Fillmore, Charles M.Edi
409186Wheeler, Frederick J.Tell Mother I'll Be There19110000-00-00Edison BA 1533Edi_B01New York City15.01.19114M-680Fillmore, Charles M.Edi
409187Wheeler, Frederick J.Tell Mother I'll Be ThereR19140000-00-00Edison 80196Edi_80New York City3341-AFillmore, Charles M.EdiDD
409188Wheeler, Frederick J.Tell Mother I'll Be ThereR19140000-00-00Edison 80196Edi_80New York City3341-BFillmore, Charles M.EdiDD
409189Wheeler, Frederick J.Tell Mother I'll Be ThereR19140000-00-00Edison 80196Edi_80New York City3341-CFillmore, Charles M.EdiDD
409190Wilde, EarlTell Mother I'll Be ThereA19190000-00-00Pathé 22247Pat_22T67418=2Fillmore
409191Wilde, Earle F.Tell Mother I'll Be ThereVA19190000-00-00Columbia A 2772Col_A215.01.191978253FillmoreEvangelistDc
1772460Wiseman, MacTell Mother I'll Be ThereV1 7119613:310000-00-00Marmot Music983448422.02.2015 De
409192Woodlawn Quartette, TheTell Mother I'll Be ThereV19270000-00-00Gennett 6258Ge_06Birmingham15.08.1927GEX-0806-ASilvertone 5071, Champion 15411, Supertone 9270Fillmore, Charles H.Fillmore, Charles H.CMR0972
1297566The TV ShowstoppersTheme from Friends (I'll Be There For You)3:060000-00-001119074 De
503620Dawson, HarryThen I'll Be There19520000-00-00Decca F 9843Dec_F0902.1952
430950Lind, BobTruly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)19662:530000-00-00World Pacific 77822WP_77Fontana TF 702Phil_TF01Charts1966Lind, BobLind, BobDB
996062Lind, BobTruly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)19662:530000-00-00WP_77BestOf0460Lind, BobLind, Bob
996063Lind, BobTruly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)19662:530000-00-00WP_77Charts1966Lind, BobLind, Bob
452265Tony & CarolynWe've Only Just Begun-I'll Be ThereA19710000-00-00V.I.P. 25068V.I.P.GDP
1218445Tony & CarolynWe've Only Just Begun/I'll Be There3:010000-00-0028709501.01.2008 De
1218446Tony & CarolynWe've Only Just Begun/I'll Be There (Stereo Promo Version)3:030000-00-0028709501.01.2008 De
459586Edison Mixed QuartetteWhen The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There19110000-00-00Edison BA 1811Edi_B01New York City15.06.19114M-803Black, James M.V4Edi
459587Edison Mixed QuartetteWhen The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There19110000-00-00Edison Amberol 803Edi_A00New York City15.06.19114M-803Black, James M.V4Edi
459588Edison Mixed QuartetteWhen The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There19080000-00-00Edison 9879Edi_09New York City15.03.19089879Black, James M.V4Edi
459589John Young, Frederick J. Wheeler, MetropolitanWhen The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be ThereL19150000-00-00Edison 80276Edi_80New York City3728-ABlack, James M.EdiDD
477096Boswell, EveYes! I'll Be ThereV19500000-00-00Parlophone 3343Pa_03GDP
502969Goff, ReggieFarnon, Robert & His OrchestraYes, I'll Be ThereV19510000-00-00Decca F 9493Dec_F0911.1950DR.15362Reid, BillyReid, Billy