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ID Interpret/in Ps Begleitung Musiktitel Stil Num Jahr Zeit Charteinstieg Label LbK 2. Label LbK2 Art.-Nr./EAN EAN/Art.-Nr. Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Vö.-Dat. Matrize Verweis Werk-Nr. CAE/IPI Komponist Texter Bemerkung Qu. Seite Musik-Quelle Original / Cover
1738713Hylton, Jack & His OrchestraO'Malley, PatTap Your FeetV1 0119303:180000-00-00HMV B 5939268320882London, Small Queen's Hall28.10.193008.07.2014Brun, PhilippeBrun, Philippe De
1738714Ambrose & His OrchestraBrowne, Sam & Logan, EllaIf I Could Be With YouV1 0219302:460000-00-00HMV B 5937268320882London18.11.193008.07.2014Bb20392-2Creamer, Henry/Johnson, James P.Creamer, Henry/Johnson, James P. De
1738715Mackey, Percival & His BandTime On My Hands1 033:020000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738716New Mayfair Orchestra, TheGot The Bench, Got The Park / Would You Like To Take A Walk / Hello Beautiful1 043:110000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738717New Mayfair Orchestra, TheHoliday Hits1 052:490000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738718Payne, Jack & His B.B.C. Dance OrchestraDown Sunnyside Lane1 063:050000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738719Kite, Sidney & His Piccadilly Hotel OrchestraMe1 072:390000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738720Firman, John & His BandThat's My Desire1 083:160000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738721Blue Lyres, TheAll Of Me1 093:010000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738722Blue Lyres, TheYou Rascal, You1 102:470000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738723Harris, Jack & His OrchestraAmoresque1 1002:530000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738724Ambrose & His Orchestra feat. Carlisle, ElsieClouds Will Soon Roll By, TheV1 1119323:140000-00-00HMV B 621026832088208.07.2014Woods, HarryHill, Billy DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1738725Phillip Brown's Grosvenor BandMean Music1 123:090000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738726Syndey Lipton and His Grosvenor House BandSadie The Shaker1 132:540000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738727Somers, Debroy & His BandDonovan, DanYou're An Old Smoothie1 1419333:120000-00-00Columbia CB 658268320882London09.09.193308.07.2014CA 13905-1Brown, Lew/DeSylva, BuddyHenderson, Ray DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738728Jackson, Jack & His OrchestraI Like To Go Back In The Evening1 153:020000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738729Noble, Ray & His OrchestraJapanese Sandman, The1 1619343:100000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014874500Whiting, RichardEgan, Raymond B. DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738730B.B.C. Dance Orchestra, TheAllen, LesApril In ParisI1 1719343:050000-00-00Columbia CB 705268320882London06.01.193408.07.2014CA-14238-1111463Duke, VernonHarburg, Edgar Yispel DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738731Merrin, Billy & His CommandersBrowne, SamWe'll Make Hay While The Sun ShinesV1 1819342:530000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1235268320882London26.01.193408.07.2014CAR-2512-1Brown, Nacio Herb/Freed, ArthurBrown, Nacio Herb/Freed, Arthur De
1738732Cotton, Billy & His BandAlan Breeze +1Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore1 1919342:570000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 123726832088210.02.193408.07.2014CAR-2554-1 De
1738733Gibbons, Carroll & His Savoy Hotel OrpheansBetter Think Twice1 203:070000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738734Geraldo & His Gaucho Tango OrchestraCarioca, TheI1 212:530000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738735Foresythe, Reginald (The New Music Of)Deep Forest1 223:020000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738736Stone, Lew & His BandTina1 232:570000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738737Gaumont British Dance Band, TheWhat A Little Moonlight Can Do1 242:280000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738738Joyce, Teddy & His OrchestraJune In January1 2519343:020000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014Robin, LeoRainger, Ralph DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738739Perritt, Harry & His OrchestraBuchanan Stomp1 2619352:290000-00-00Columbia FB 107626832088208.07.2014 De
1738740Joyce, Teddy & His OrchestraHoliday Express1 272:380000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738741Roy, Harry & His OrchestraBugle Call Rag / Twelfth Street Rag / Tiger Rag1 282:190000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738742Roy, Harry & His OrchestraSomebody Stole My Gal / Nobody's Sweetheart / Chinatown, My Chinatown1 292:420000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738743Stone, Lew & His BandPop! Goes Your Heart1 302:440000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738744Hylton, Jack & His OrchestraFootloose And Fancy Free1 3119352:490000-00-00HMV BD 204268320882London15.07.193508.07.2014 De
1738745Daniels, Joe & His Hot ShotsSt. Louis Blues1 323:160000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738746Jackson, Jack & His BandRoll Along, Prairie Moon1 332:490000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738747Gibbons, Carroll & His Savoy Hotel OrpheansFrom The Top Of Your Head1 342:380000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738748Winnick, Maurice & His OrchestraLove Is A Dancing Thing1 3519362:380000-00-00Parlophone F 37226832088209.01.193608.07.2014CE-7388Dietz, Howard/Schwartz, ArthurDietz, Howard/Schwartz, Arthur De
1738749Leader, Harry & His BandRobbins, JessieMy Sweetie Went AwayV1 3619362:490000-00-00Columbia FB 1357268320882London15.01.193608.07.2014CA-15543-l850113Handman, Lou/Turk, RoyHandman, Lou/Turk, Roy DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738750Winnick, Maurice & His OrchestraLeigh, JoeMoon Over MiamiV1 3719362:490000-00-00Parlophone F 394268320882London05.02.193608.07.2014CE-7439392873Burke, JoeLeslie, Edgar DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738751Romany Band, TheWoe Is Me1 3819362:370000-00-00Columbia FB 133926832088208.07.2014 De
1738752Krakajax, TheOh! By Jingo! Oh By Gee!1 393:060000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738753Fox, Roy & His Orchestra feat. Dennis, DennyA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1 402:540000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738754Cotton, Billy & His BandFree1 412:540000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738755Martin, Bram & His BandHeron Sisters, TheWhen My Dreamboat Comes HomeV1 4219362:560000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 2299Regal Zonophone MR 2453268320882London05.12.193608.07.2014CAR-4349-11363486Franklin, Dave/Friend, CliffFranklin, Dave/Friend, Cliff DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738756Martin, Bram & His BorderlinersWest End Blues1 4319373:100000-00-00Columbia FB 167926832088208.07.2014 De
1738757Gonella, Nat & His GeorgiansBoo-Hoo1 442:440000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738758Firman, Bert & sein OrchesterRefraingesangSwing High, Swing LowV1 4519372:550000-00-00Electrola EG 607026832088208.07.2014OEA.4789Lane, BurtonFreed, Ralph DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738759Bissett, Billy & His OrchestraNever In A Million YearsV1 4619373:070000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014Gordon, Mack/Revel, HarryGordon, Mack/Revel, Harry DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738760Orlando & His OrchestraLove Is Good For Anything That Ails You1 472:280000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738761George Elrick and His Swing MusicSwing Session In Siberia1 482:510000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738762Howard Jacobs and His Golden Tone SaxophoneGetting Some Fun Out Of Life1 492:410000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738763Syd Seymour and His Mad HattersChinese Laundry Blues1 502:530000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738764Ternent, Billy & His Sweet Rhythm OrchestraBrowne, SamYou Started SomethingV1 5119383:100000-00-00HMV BD 5447268320882London12.02.193808.07.2014OEA-6232-1Deutsch/RoganDeutsch/Rogan De
1738765Dan Donovan and His MusicShe's The Daughter Of The Old Grey Mare1 523:150000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738766Millward, Sid & His BandSomebody Sweetheart1 532:580000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738767White, Jack & His CollegiansSweet As A Song1 5419382:510000-00-00Parlophone F 110726832088206.04.193808.07.2014CE-9052 De
1738768Harris, Jack & His OrchestraMama, I Wanna Make Rhythm1 552:470000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738769Fox, Roy & His OrchestraHow'd Ja Like To Love Me1 563:060000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738770Hall, Henry & His OrchestraLove Makes The World Go Round1 572:550000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738771Geraldo & His OrchestraPenny Serenade1 583:190000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738772Carroll, Eddie & His MusicMy Own1 5919382:400000-00-00Parlophone F 130826832088208.12.193808.07.2014CE-9473 De
1738773Thorburn, Billy (The Organ, The Dance Band And Me)There's A New Apple Tree1 602:510000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738774Rignold, Hugo & His OrchestraYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1 6119392:490000-00-00Columbia FB 2165268320882London02.02.193908.07.2014CA-17316-1Warren, HarryMercer, Johnny DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738775Williams, Reginald & His FuturistsBowlly, AlI'm Madly In Love With YouV1 6219393:040000-00-00Columbia FB 2167268320882London08.02.193908.07.2014CA-17345-1Davis, Benny/Coots, FredDavis, Benny/Coots, Fred De
1738776Thorburn, Billy & His MusicHeaven Can Wait1 6319392:520000-00-00Parlophone F 141126832088231.03.193908.07.2014CE-9694 De
1738777Harris, Jack & His OrchestraPlain Jane1 642:520000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738778Loss, Joe & His Orchestra feat. Rey, MonteSouth Of The Border /Down Mexico Way)1 653:090000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738779Straten, van & His MusicDawn, JulieLady's In Love With You, TheV1 6619392:420000-00-00Parlophone F 1505268320882London03.07.193908.07.2014CE-9937-1624533Lane, BurtonLoesser, Frank DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738780Loss, Joe & His Band feat. Henderson, ChickBegin The BeguineV1 6719393:270000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 3098HMV EA 4320268320882London05.07.193908.07.2014CAR-5469-1Porter, ColePorter, Cole DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738781Darewski, Herman & His BandWishing (Will Make It So)1 6819392:310000-00-00Parlophone F 153726832088220.08.193908.07.2014CE-10037 De
1738782Whiteman, Paul & His OrchestraTell Me With A Melody1 693:270000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738783Whiteman, Paul & His OrchestraJust One More Chance1 703:060000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738784Paul Specht's CanadianClap Hands, Here Comes Charlie1 712:370000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738785Rich, Fred & His Hotel Astor OrchestraBaltimore1 722:500000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738786Rich, Fred & His Hotel Astor OrchestraCalling Me Home1 733:000000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738787Noble Sissle and His Sizzling SyncopatersYou Can't Get To Heaven That Way1 742:520000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738788Noble Sissle and His Sizzling SyncopatersConfessin' (That I Love You)1 752:520000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738789Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut YankeesHere Is My Heart (Here Is My Hand)1 773:160000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738790Venuti, Joe & His OrchestraBallew, SmithHiawatha's LullabyI1 7819333:120000-00-00Columbia CB 637268320882New York City08.05.193308.07.2014265116-2Donaldson, WalterYoung, Joe De
1738791Selvin, Ben & His Orchestra feat. Miller, JackSweetheart Darlin'V1 7919333:190000-00-00Columbia 2778-D26832088223.05.193308.07.2014W265123-2Stothart, HerbertKahn, Gus DeORIGINAL. Cover filtern
1738792Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra feat. O'Malley, PatLights OutV1 8019362:340000-00-00HMV BD 5030Electrola EG 3765268320882Chicago02.01.193608.07.201496537-1Hill, BillyHill, Billy DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738793Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra feat. O'Malley, PatMusic Goes 'round And Around, TheV1 8119363:160000-00-00HMV BD 5030268320882Chicago02.01.193608.07.201496538-1Riley, Mike/Farley, EddieHodgson, Red DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738794Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra feat. Dell, PeggyEeny Meeny Miney MoV1 8219363:040000-00-00HMV BD 5035268320882Chicago02.01.193608.07.201496539-1Malneck, Matt/Mercer, JohnnyMalneck, Matt/Mercer, Johnny De
1738795Hylton, Jack & His OrchestraA Little Bit Independent1 833:280000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738796Kirk, Andy & His Twelve Clouds Of JoyCloudyI1 8419292:500000-00-00Brunswick 465326832088207.11.192908.07.2014KC 593Kirk, AndyKirk, Andy De
1738797Savoy Orpheans, TheFive Foot Two, Eyes Of BlueI1 8520er2:470000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014Henderson, RayLewis, Samuel M./Young, Joseph DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738798Hylton, Jack & His OrchestraShepherd Of The Hills1 862:570000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738799Savoy Havana BandCrazy Words, Crazy TuneI1 872:350000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738800Rhythmic Eight, TheShe's A Great, Great Girl1 882:330000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738801Payne, Jack & His B.B.C. Dance OrchestraHappy Days Are Here AgainV1 8919292:530000-00-00Columbia CB 009268320882London01.03.193008.07.2014WA-10020-31010229Ager, MiltonYellen, Jack DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738802Ambrose & His OrchestraSoft Lights And Sweet Music1 903:070000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738803Henry Hall And The BBC Dance OrchestraTeddy Bears' Picnic, The1 912:490000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738804Jackson, Jack & His OrchestraMake Those People Sway1 922:210000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738805Noble, Ray & His OrchestraBowlly, AlYou Ought To See Sally On SundayV1 9319332:390000-00-00HMV B 6440BA-417, Victor 24575268320882London20.12.193308.07.2014OB-5835-2 De
1738806Harry Roy OrchestraSarawaki1 943:020000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738807Stone, Lew & His BandI Ain't Got Nobody1 9519353:060000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 156126832088208.07.20141111452Williams, SpencerGraham, Roger DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738808Cotton, Billy & His BandJackson, EllisTruckin'1 9619352:500000-00-00Regal Zonophone MR 1868268320882London08.10.193508.07.2014CAR-3624-1 De
1738809Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel OrpheansVocal ChorusThese Foolish ThingsI1 9719363:000000-00-00Columbia FB 137526832088208.07.2014CA 15713830560Strachey, JackMarvell, Holt DeCOVER. Original filtern
1738810Winnick, Maurice & His OrchestraStrars In My Eyes1 982:380000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De
1738811Fox, Roy & His OrchestraWhispering1 996:080000-00-00Red Sky Records26832088208.07.2014 De